Camp Englishton, Lexington, Indiana

Pursuant to the Civilian Conservation Corps Memory Book of Ruben Blunt, 3/26/35-6/1/36

     The following is a listing of  the contents of an apparently official CCC memory book owned by Ruben Blunt which includes some basic information as well as signatures from several men he served with. It's not a complete roster list of the men there. It includes the names of the men that signed his book and most of them even listed the various cities that they came from, although it is not a complete record of the men in camp. Most pages are just cartoons regarding CCC experiences.

Civilian Conservation Corps Memory book of

RUBEN BLUNT U.S.C.C.C March 26, 1935-June 1, 1936

Company No. 2585 Camp Englishton

Captain Hobbs, Commanding Officer

Enrolled at: Burkesville, KY

Date of Enrollment: March 26, 1935

Arrived at camp: March 27, 1935

Company Officers: Bremar and Tweltel

Supervisors: H. Beaus and Becknel

Non-Coms: Edgard Bact, Mess Steward

Stationed at: Lexington, Indiana

Duties Performed: K.P., Act. Leader., and E.C.W. Ordeley

Sports and Recreation: Baseball

Discharged at: Lexington, Indiana

date: June 1, 1936

Arrived home: June 2, 1936


Adkins, Lloyd B. Wolverine, KY

Allen, George R. Lexington, IN

Bact, Edgard ElkhaRt, IN

Baird, Kenneth Charlestown, IN

Burchett, Otto W. Wolf, KY

Carter, Tom Cottville R#1

Cardwell, ?atnil Martindale, KY

Cloyd, Barney Ray Waterview, KY

Crossley, Charles Greenfield, IN

Davidson, Pryce Lost Creek, KY

Davis, Blondell Gromwell, IN

Deaton, Levi Wolf coal, KY

Devlin, Jack L. Goshen, IN

Duncan, Sanders Ellington, KY

Ha??n, Leonard Rosine,

Hibert, Carson Leslie, KY

Johnson, Charles Jetson, KY

Lofhgin (?), W.A. Lexington, IN

Loveless, Amos W. North field, KY

McClelland, James Ashland, KY

McClure, Leo Rockfield, KY Route 2

McNelly, Charles J. Lexington, IN

Means, William Madison, IN R#3

Meyers, Dan South Bend, IN

Miller, Robert Adolphus, KY R#1

Napier, Arthur Haddix, KY

Pace, Edward Wooton, KY

Phelps, Moak

Price, Abner Indianapolis, IN

Ragland, Eugene Scottsville, KY

Rather, Harold Adolphus, KY R #1

Renfrow, Paul Prancer, KY

Richardson, Earl Haddix, KY

Rowe, John Peytonsburg, KY

Russell, Edward Haddix, KY

Russell, Leonard Reynolds Station, KY

Salomon, Harry B. Southbend, IN

Shoopman, Casey Tanbark, KY

Smith, Cecil South Hill, KY

Stanyker, Floyd Morris Park, KY

Vance, Chester Reedyville, KY

Wilbur, Jack Huntington, IN

Walker, Leo Adalphus, KY R#3


Biography of Ruben Blunt, Co. 2585, Camp Englishton, Lexington, Indiana