Biography of Ruben Blunt

CCCman, Co. 2585, Camp Englishton, Lexington, Indiana

         My Grandfather Ruben Blunt joined the United States Civilian Conservation Corps on March 26, 1935 at Burkesville, Kentucky. He was assigned to Company No. 2585  at Camp Englishton in Lexington, Indiana where he arrived on March 27th.  He served as Act. Leader and E.C.W. Orderly and also worked KP duty.  He was discharged in Lexington on June 1, 1936 and arrived home the next day. 

         He kept a record of his CCC service which included his memory book with some basic information as well as signatures from several men he served with. It's not a complete roster list of the men there. It includes the names of the men that signed his book and most of them even listed the various cities that they came from, although it is not a complete record of the men in camp. Most pages are just cartoons regarding CCC experiences. The book is included on these pages at the link below.

         My grandfather always remembered his CCC service as a tremendously meaningful part of his life. If anyone recognizes a name in the book or knows of this camp and company, feel free to write.

------- Nathan


1936 Partial Roster Company 2585 From Memory Book Signatures, Camp Englishton, Lexington, Indiana


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