North Creek (?) Camp, S-147-Pa., Emporium, Pa.

Pursuant to the Official 1936 Annual, CCC, 2nd District, Third Corps Area, USA

      On April, 25, 1933, Company 321 was organized at Kinzua, Pa. The campsite faced Highway Pennsylvania Route No. 59, 14 miles west of Bradford, Pa. And was a unit of a group of camps in the Allegheny National Forests doing project work under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture.

     The company remained at its original location until November 1, 1935, when orders were received to abandon the campsite. The company, intact, was sent to North Creek, approximately nine miles northwest of Emporium, Pa., the present location of the camp.

     While at Kinzua the company completed several truck trails and made much improvement in the forest stand improvement.

     Since occupying its present site two and one-half miles of stream improvement have been completed, a bridge leading into the camp has been constructed, foot trails have been built and forest stands have been improved.

     Work now in progress includes the building of six miles of foot trails, lineal survey of 13 miles and forest stand improvement on 20 acres.

     In 1935 the enrollees worked for several days battling the forest fire which threatened McKean and Warren counties and did commendable work in aiding to extinguish the blaze. Another blaze was fought in Elk county and much valuable property was saved.

     The devastating flood that played havoc in Western Pennsylvania during the spring of 1936 caused much damage in communities near the camp, and the members of the company played an important part in flood relief work. After the flood waters had receded members of the company set to work clearing the debris from streets and cellars of afflicted nearby cities, giving first aid, and aiding in a general way to rehabilitate the residents.

     Wood craft work done by members of the company wa on display at the Advisors' Conference. Three enrollees received scholarships to Wilberforce and union universities during the fall of 1936.

     The relationships of the camp and community have been cordial. Amateur shows have been given in Emporium and the camp orchestra has been engaged to play at several clubs and civic organizaitons gaining quite a following in the community. The Bradford, Pa. School system has been generous in contributing books and materials to the company. The enrollees have been congratulated on the exemplary conduct in all of the nearby communities.

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1936 Roster Civilian Conservation Corps Company 321, North Creek Camp (?), S-147-Pa., Emporium, Pa.

Official 1936 Annual, CCC, 2nd District, Third Corps Area, USA, CCC Museum Books Section, Publishing Info