From the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, with additions

     Jacques Rodney Eisner, born 25 July 1918 in Red Bank. NJ, enlisted in the Navy Reserve 7 October 1940 and was appointed a midshipman in the Reserve 6 March 1941. Lieutenant (junior grade) Eisner was killed in action during the Battle of Guadalcanal 13 November 1942 while serving in San Fracisco (CA-38).

     The name Eisner was assigned to DE-269 on 23 February 1943, canceled and reassigned to DE-28 on 14 June 1943. and again canceled and reassigned to DE-192 on 14 July 1943 DE-269 was transferred to the United Kingdom on 3 September1943 and served in the Royal Navy as HMS Domett. She was returned to United States custody after World War II and sold on 3 June 1947. DE-28 was renamed Emery.

     DE-192 , Cannon Class, displacement 1,240 tons (1,520 fully loaded), length 306 feet, beam 36 feet 8 inches, draft 11 feet 8 inches, complement 186-220 men, armament 3 3 inch 50 Caliber Dual Purpose guns, 3 21 inch torpedo tubes in Triple Mount, 8 depth charge projectors, 1 hedgehog depth charge projector, 2 40mm AA guns, 4 20mm AA guns. Two shafts turned by diesel electric system for 6000 BHP for 20 knots - 19 in service (Dictionary gives 21, the 19-20 is from Janes).

     Eisner (DE-192) was launched 12 December 1943 by Federal Ship Building and Dry Dock Co., Kearny, NJ; sponsored by Mrs. Lester Eisner, Jr. sister-in-law of Lieutenant (junior grade) Eisner; and commissioned 1 January 1944, Lieutenant Commander D. McVickar, USNR, in command.

     On 15 February 1944 Eisner became the flagship for Commander, Escort Division 55. After escorting a convoy to Galveston and back to Norfolk, Eisner was assigned to TF 63 for transatlantic escort duty. She made two voyages to the Mediterranean, then five to British and French ports, guarding the supply line indispensable to the advancing troops in Europe.

     Crew member Jim Spittel recalls, that the Eisner made a "trip in March '44 to Recife, Brazil escorting an air craft carrier. I was aboard then as I became a Shellback on crossing the equator."

     Eisner sailed from New York 9 June 1944 for Eniwetok the day after European hostilities ended. She escorted convoys bctween Eniwetok and Ulithi, then screened Achernar (AKA-53) to Wake with forces to repossess the island. She continued patrol and escort duty out of Eniwetok until 15 December 1945, then sailed home. She was placed out of commission In reserve at Mayport, Fla., 5 July 1946. On 1 March 1951 she was transferred to the Netherlands under The Mutual Defence Assissnce Program, and serves as HMS De Zeeuw.  She was returned to the United States and Broken Up in 1967.

NOTE: DUNN31962@aol.com, Veteran family member, is looking for information on the USS Eisner

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