I was in The Navy.  I only had one po address while in the European theater.. Navy Fleet PO 168, I was land based most of my Navy career

     The children of today never had the opportunity as we did when we were young to go to the movies on a Saturday to see the next episode of Buck Rogers, or Tarzan, or Rin-Tin-Tin. It was an era of imagination, creativity and fascination. The posts I have presently contributed are chapters of a longer story, all together the composite of my wartime experiences.

     Let me say that from the time I stepped on Utah beach in Normandy until the day the Destroyer Escort USS Borum deposited me on Pier 6, in Staten Island, NY, on June 10, 1945, I kept a diary in which I entered notes of daily events. This diary kept alive, quite vividly, my adventures, which I unfold here individually. I thought I might write a book some day. What you are about to read is true and accurate.

Its About Time, "DaveT121", U.S.N.

I Remember Only Too Well, "DaveT121", U.S.N.

I Met My Brother In France, "DaveT121", U.S.N.

The Smoke Bomb, "DaveT121", U.S.N.

Bed Check Charlie, "DaveT121", U.S.N.

Achtung! Fraternization Mit Frauleins Verbotten!!, "DaveT121", U.S.N.

My Friend The Rabbit, "DaveT121", U.S.N.


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