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U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine Biographies

     This page is a series of links to biographies of members of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine.  The Stories below have been submitted to me by service members or their families by email.  If you have any such stories to submit please email me below. Thank you and enjoy.  

      At the very bottom of the page I will also include some obituaries I may find from time to time.

Bob Benvenuto, USS LST 279, USN, D-Day at Normandy (updated 4/26/00)

Fred Blechman, Lt, VF-14, USN (updated 3/19/99)

Wallace Bowie, U.S.S. Ingraham, USN

Howard H. Brown, CM3/c, USS Manlove DE-36, USN, Use Back Key To Return (Now on Wayback Machine)

Dorothy Riehle Call, Y2/C, Bureau of Aeronautics, Washington DC, U.S. Waves, USN, WWII

Charles G. Calkins, Sr., USCG, USN (new 2/17/01)

Harry L. Carlisle, Merchant Marine, WWII (new 1/11/18)

Harry C. Chilton, ADC, USS Curtis AV-4, Pearl Harbor, WWII, USN (new 9/27/05)

Francis H. Clifton, VP-23 / VPB-23, USN (updated 4/22/00)

Earl Cook, PhM3/c, USN / USMC

Nello D'Annunnzio, USS Chevalier, DD-451, USN

John M. DiFusco, QM3/c, U.S.S. Belleau Wood, USN (updated 4/22/01)

Robert Joseph Dorr, ARM1/c(T)(CA), V-6, U.S.S. Belleau Wood, Scouting 24, USNR (new 1/30/01)

J. L. "Roy" DuBosque, Gun Striker, 6th Division, USS St. Louis / USS Philadelphia / HMS Dido, USN, Pearl Harbor ( new 1/29/00)

Don Ellwood, Ablebodied Seaman, Merchant Marine, WWII / Senior Chief Quartermaster, United States Navy, Korea Vietnam Cold War (new 12/14/06)

Leslie Russell Fales, Merchant Marine

Lewis Finkelstein, Draft Spur 86, Omaha Beach, D-Day, Normandy, WWII, USN(new 1/11/18)

George H. Farlow, USS Chandler, DSM-9, Pearl Harbor, USN (updated 6/16/03 new 8/20/01)

Harold E. Flockhart, Merchant Marine (updated 3/11/04)

Abecs "AW" W. Gaines, SCPO, USS Independence, USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Nimitz, USN, Active

Bryan Lee Gentry, U.S.S. Belleau Wood, LHA3, USN

Cecil Martin Greene, LST, 1944

Earl F. Haferbecker, Radioman, Naval Armed Guard SS Reigh Count & Commander Atlantic Fleet & USS John Parrott (DD218) & USS Wallace L. Lind (DD703), USN (Updated 2/3/03, new 12/6/02)

Magnus Hagen, Chief Engineer, Merchant Marine (new 7/15/01)

Homer Hall, USS Belleau Wood, CVL-24, USN (new 9/16/00)

Jesse F. Ivins, Jr., FCO 2/c AS8, U.S.S. Iolanda, AKS14, USN (updated 1/05/01)

Robert James, USS Investigator, AGR-9, USN

Martin H. Kopp, Merchant Marine

Jerry Krim, AM3/C, VI Division, USS Belleau Wood CVL-24, USN, WWII

Roy S. Lehman, MM1/C, USS Witchita CA450, USN, WWII (new 6/23/04)

Richard A. Litherland, U.S.S. Pennsylvania

Bob Marvin, Radar Operator, VC-12/VAW-12, USN, Cold War (new 5/8/99)

Frank Burchett Maupin, Jr., U.S.S. Enterprise, WWII, USN (updated 4/20/01)

Ray Merrill, Aviation Radioman, PBY VP, USS Ballard, Pearl Harbor, USN (updated 8/21/00)

Jesse Ruben Moreno, EM3/c, USS Chandler DMS9, United States Navy, World War II (new 2/4/07)

John Morgan, F2/c, USS Steamer Bay, CVE-87, USN (updated 8/12/02, new 4/29/01)

W. H. Mowery,  Sailor, WWII, USN (new 1/29/03)

Nelson Napp, SS Exchequer, Merchant Marine

Harold E. Nelson, Aviation Metalsmith 3/C, Pensacola NAS, Florida, USN( new 12/1/00)

William F. Nesser, Merchant Marine (updated 3/14/99)

Bobby Lloyd Nichols, USS Eisner, DE192, USN

C. V. Norris ( Bud Norris ), Damage Control 2nd Class, USS Curtis AV-4, United States Navy

John J. Ogert, BMC, USS Heywood AP-12, USS Ormsby APA-49, USS Great Sitken AE-17, USS Richard Page DEG-5, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, USN (updated 11/9/02, new 10/19/02)

Robert Garner Packer, CM3/c, USS Currituck AV-7, Aleutian Islands, Dutch Harbor, USN (new 2/23/01)

Harold Pelias, Phy/2nd LST 497, 1944

Harry C. Perkins, U.S.S. Yorktown, CV10 (updated 3/3/01)

Mike Piazza, MM1/c, LST 957, USN (new 1/26/01)

Alfred M. Pride, Adm, U.S.S. Belleau Wood, USN

James "Red" Quinn, Jr., Sea Bees, USN

Dewey Wayne Reed, Yeoman 2nd Class, Phillipines, USN

Earl "Chicken" Rhoden, CPO, VP24/VP12, Pearl Harbor, USS Saipan, CVL 48 (updated 12/26/99)

Howard Stanley Rivet, Oiler, S.S. Alamar, Merchant Marine

Ken Rulf, PhM2, D Company, 3rd Medical Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force, USNR

Robert Sandel, RM2CWE, USCGC Kickapoo, USCG Algonquin, USCGC Faunce, Radio Station WAX, USCG (updated 3/9/03)

Harold Frank Schmidt, Merchant Marine (updated 12/26/99)

Johanus "John" Schryvers, MV Poelav Bras, POW, Dutch Merchant Marine

David V. Selders, SK2/c, LST 226, LST 1044, USNR

Charles B. Shafer, Sailor, USS LST 279, USN (new 10/21/03)

William W. Slattery, USN (new 11/6/01)

James R. Smith, Olongapa, Subic Bay Luzon Philippines, USN, WWII

Harry Evereet Stiltz, AMM3/c, HEDRON FAIR Wing Two, USN

John Stokes, Sailor, Hatchman and Winchman Detail, Armed Guard, SS Saginaw Victory, SS Louis Weule, Okinawa, USN (new 2/17/05)

Henry H. Stone, Signalman 3/c, COMTRANSDIV 10, USS Henry T. Allen (AP -30), USS Argonne & COMTRANSDIV 14, USS Hunter Leggett, & USS Clay, USN (new 7/09/03)

Laurence Fletcher Talbott, USS Ozark, LSV2, USN (updated 6/3/99)

Norman P. Volz, Seaman 1/C, USS William P. Biddle APA-8, USN, WWII (new 12/1/06)

Ralph Wilcox, USS Shangri La, USN (new 5/12/00)

William Wilkie, Gunner, Armed Guard & U.S.S. Oklahoma City CL-91, WWII, USN (new 1/4/08)

Frederick P. Williams, Cpt, CO/ TranDiv 13, BuPers, USS Ozark (World War II), CO/DesRon 3 (Korea), USN

Leo V. Williams, Merchant Marine (new 1/10/01)

Frank Wolff, LT.j.g., USS Saratoga, 1944-45

Herbert F. B. Wright, C.P.O., C.B., Normandy 1944

Biography of F.J. Zantvoort, Monteur III z.m., Royal Dutch Navy & MV Poelau Bras Survivor, WWII (new 9/6/03)

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Robert Allison, Ens, VC-93, USS Petrof Bay, CVE-80, USN

James Bernard Annis, Jr., Chief Electricians Mate, USS Indianapolis, USN

Leverne Keith Annis, Squadrons VS-51 & VS-1-D14, USN

James Roland Argo, Phm, USS LCI(L) 489, Omaha Beach, D-Day, USN

Lawrence Nelson Bates, Lt(jg), USS Tangier, AV-8, Pearl Harbor, USN

Charles Miller Bohnstadt II, Chief Quartermaster, Pearl Harbor, USN

Tom Bowerman, Gunners Mate 2/c, Naval Armed Guard, USN

Roy Cella, Qm 2/c, USS Sumner, AG-32, Pearl Harbor, USN

L. W. Jeffreys, Lt, VC-93, USS Petrof Bay, CVE-80, USN

Mark Wayne Felhofer, AMH1(AW/NAC), VT-28/USS Kittyhawk CV-63/VRC-50/VS-37USN, Cold War, Gulf War

John W. Finn, Lt. / AOC, VP-14, VP-45, Pearl Harbor, USN

Myron Howard, USN USS Bream SSK 243, USS Springer SS414 Cold War

Buck McCalla, USS Bluegill, AGSS242, USN, Cold War

James A. McClure, M.D., Lt. (JG), U.S.S. Chimo ACM-1, USN

George Mullins, Jr., USCG

Charles W. Paige, (mirror site here) RM/3, USS Midway, Vietnam, USN

John Partin, CPNCS, USS Cambria (APA-36), COMPHIBRON VI, USS Taconic, USS Pocono, USS Shadwell, USS FRANCIS MARION, NRTC, Joplin, MO, SERE Coronado, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Vietnam, USS VEGA (AF59), NRTC, Joplin, USS MARS (AFS1), COMSERVRON SEVEN Staff, USS ENTERPRISE (CVAN65), NTTC, Meridian, MS, USS SAN JOSE (AFS7), Naval Recruiting District, St. Louis USN

Jack O. Phillips, VP-14, USS Tangier, Pearl Harbor, USN

Earl S. Pullin, Gunner's Mate, USS Helena, CA-75, Cold War

John Francis Richter, HM1, Corpsman, USN

William J. Sneed, VP-54, USS Tangier, USN

James Ralph "Tony El Tigre" Spletstoser, Smn1/c, LST, USN WWII, DOD 214th CAB, Vietnam

Glen C. Turner, Smn 1/c, USS California, BB-44, Pearl Harbor, USN

Paul Urdzik, USS Vestal, AR-4, Pearl Harbor, USN


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Obituary Listings

From time to time I will happen upon an obituary listing of a veteran in an online paper.  To honor these men, I will list them here.

A. Norman Krueger, Lt., USS Lipscombe Bay, USS Belleau Wood, WWII, USN, 82, Retired from Pontiac; WWII veteran; enjoyed golf, bridge WEST YARMOUTH - A. Norman "Norm" Krueger, 82, died Sunday at his home. Born in Detroit, Mich., Mr. Krueger attended Detroit schools and graduated from Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Mich. He enlisted in the Navy during World War II and attended Columbia University for midshipman school. He served aboard the aircraft carriers USS Liscombe Bay and USS Belleau Wood in the Pacific and was discharged as a lieutenant. He was awarded the Purple Heart. After the war, he was employed by Socony Vacuum Oil Co. in Toledo, Ohio. Mr. Krueger moved to New Hampshire and worked at a car dealership in Keene, N.H. In 1955 he joined the Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors and worked for the company in Wethersfield, Conn., Needham and East Brunswick, N.J. In 1980, he retired and moved to West Yarmouth. Mr. Krueger was a member of the First Congregational Church of Yarmouth, a member of the Bass River Bayberry Golf Course and the Cape Cod Men's Club. He was also master of Masonic Lodge, Jerusalem 104 in Keene, N.H. He enjoyed playing social and duplicate bridge at the Yarmouth Senior Center. (From the Cape Cod Times 4/5/01)

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