Biography of Frank Burchett Maupin, Jr.

CCC Man, Camp S-53, Putney, Harlan County, Kentucky

U.S.S. Enterprise, USN

   My father served in the CCC from April 1933 to June 1934 at Camp S-53 Putney, Harlan County, Kentucky. I have his discharge papers which contain lots of personal information. Also, just in the past few months I received from some long lost relatives 2 photos of him with some unknown buddies standing near the bunkhouses at the camp. He was 23 years old when he was in the camp.

   He was a baker and cook, I believe. That is what he did before he went to the CCC and between the CCC and joining the Navy. He was a superb cook, too.

   My father's name was Frank Burchett Maupin, Jr. born 1909 in Carter County,KY and died 1993 in Ashland,Boyd County,KY. He served in the US Navy aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and later worked about 35 years at Armco Steel Corporation here in Ashland,KY.

   If you know how to obtain other information regarding the Putney, Kentucky camp, please let me know. I have been doing a genealogy study on the Maupin family. We might be able to find out who the other men are in the photos with Dad,too.



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