Biography of Robert Joseph Dorr


ARM1/c(T)(CA), V-6, U.S.S. Belleau Wood, Scouting 24, USNR

     My Father,  Robert Joseph Dorr was born on February 23, 1921 in St. Paul Minnesota. Before the war he worked for Burlington Northern Railroad. He enlisted in the United States Navy on March 16, 1942.

     He went to training at the Naval Training Station at San Diego and then was assigned to the Naval Air Station San Diego Co.. He then went to AFGS in Jacksonville Florida, poss ibly meaning Armed Forces Ground School?  He was then assigned to the Naval Air Station in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  Then he went to the Replacement Station, South Annex, Naval Operating Base at Norfolk, Virginia for assingment. He was assigned to Scouting Squadron 24,rding to his papers, but he was in Torpedo Squadron 24, which is presumably the same thing. This presumably was the unit to which he was assigned while on the U.S.S. Belleau Wood, a light aircraft carrier which saw extensive combat experience in the Pacific. She was struck by a Kamikaze at one point, taking serious casualties. She returned to service after extensive repairs and served for the remainder of the war.

     According to my  mother he was a radioman and gunner on the planes. She told me he actually got shot down and was picked up at sea by another carrier. The men he served with called him Frenchy. 

     After his service on the Belleau Wood he was assigned to VTB-2, OTU, Naval Air Station Miami Florida. He was discharged after that service. His final rank was ARM 1/C(T) (CA) V-6 USNR.

     Possibly served on another ship before going to Belleau Wood. Would be interested in any information or where I could go for information. It just makes me very sad that I didnt have enough sense to be interested in this information when he was alive. I would love to be able to communicate with any one who might have known him.

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Photo Torpedo Squadron 24, Air Group 24, U.S.S. Belleau Wood

Photo Torpedo Squadron 24 Second Photo, Air Group 24, U.S.S. Belleau Wood

History Air Group 24, U.S.S. Belleau Wood, USN, World War Two

Unit History of USS Belleau Wood, CVL-24

USS Belleau Wood - En Route to Sea from Commissioning

USS Belleau Wood, CVL24 - A frontal view

Majuro Lagoon - Photo of Boats of U.S.S. Belleau Wood 2/1944

Marianas - Photo of 2/22/1944

Kamikaze Hit on USS Belleau Wood - Photo of 10/30/1944

Kamikaze Hit on USS Belleau Wood, 2nd view - 2nd Photo of 10/30/1944

Kamikaze Hit on USS Belleau Wood, 3rnd view - 3rd Photo of 10/30/1944

USS Cabot - Recent Photo USS Cabot, Belleau Wood Sister-ship

USS Belleau Wood, LHA3 - Photo of The Modern Day Ship Where 1989 Reunion Photos Taken

USS Belleau Wood, LHA3, Description, with link to home page of modern Belleau Wood, Use Back Key To Return

Bookcase, Photograph of Artwork of John DiFusco

Fireplace Screens, Photograph of Artwork of John DiFusco

Frames, Photograph of Artwork of John DiFusco

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