Bob Marvin

Radar Operator, VC-12/VAW-12, USN

       Ahoy I'll briefly give you a run down on US Navy Composite Squadron 12 (VC-12 / VAW-12) From the later part of the forties. I joined up with VC-52 AT Quansite Point, Rhode Island.

       Every Carrier that shipped out of the East Coast had a VC-12 detachment aboard. These carriers were usually Essex class ships, being World War Two vintage straight deck types. A detachment was three planes with support crew of approximately 30+ people. I was an air crewman/electronic technician meaning I rode as radar operator and repaired the gear. The planes I flew in were AD-4Ws, GUPPYS.

       On October 7-10 We are planning our second reunion in Pensacola, Florida. Contact Bob Marvin 7244 Lincoln Ave ex, Lockport, N.Y. 14094. Phone 716-4341207 email for information.

----- Bob The Gob


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