A Tribute To My Cousin

James "Red" Quinn, Jr.

Sea Bees, USN


     Red, as we called him because of his flaming red hair was born in Providence, Rhode Island. He joined the Navy in November of 1944, he wanted the Navy because like me the Army was not for him.

     He went to New York for boot camp and shortly thereafter he was assigned to the C B 's [construction battalion]. This was unusal because all CB's were older men with construction experience and not for young boys out of high school.

     He was later shipped to the Phillipines and on June 14, 1945 he was killed one nightwhile he was in his fox hole. He was run over by a heavy piece of construction equipment.

     I went home on leave in August of 1945 and it was one of the saddest days of my life when I went to visit his mom, my aunt, because I was in my Navy Uniform as I did not have any civilian clothes nor we were allowed to wear them even if I had some. His mom and I shed a lot of tears.

     So this is for him, the real hero's of the war who gave their all for our country. The rest of us just did our jobs and were lucky to make it home again.

----- John M. DiFusco, USNR



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