David V. Selders

SK2/c, 867 03 63, LST 226, LST 1044, USNR

     In WWII I was a SK2c in the Navy aboard the LSTs 1044 and 226 in the Pacific.  I was in the September 1945 Typhoon, aboard LST, I believe 1044, or possibly 226. We survived an awesome experience. Admiral Buckmaster, aboard a Cruiser, was commanding escort of our flotilla of nine LST's, also accompanied by some LCI's. The pontoons we were carrying, and all topside gear were stripped from the LST's by the typhoon.

     The year before, in December 1944, a cousin, last name "Selders" was lost in another Typhoon on the USS Spence - DD 512, in 1944. I seek verification,details, his full name, and the circumstantial reports on the storm, the ship's mission, and the loss of the ship and crew.  I also seek detailed information on the September 1945 storm, damage, losses, circumstances, etc.  I seek detailed information on damage inflicted on U S Third Fleet by those two Pacific typhoons, the one in December 1944 and the one mentioned above in September 1945.

     Please direct me to available sources for this desired information. Thank you.

-----  David V. Selders



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