Howard Stanley Rivet

Merchant Marine

    A family member, Howard Stanley Rivet,  born February 16, 1916 was a member of the United States Merchant Marine during World War Two. He was an Oiler on the S.S. Alamar.  The Alamar was bombed by German aircraft 1200 hours local time May 27,1942 about 100 miles from Bear Island, that is just off the farthest north point of Norway, in position 74 - 00 N. and 20 - 00 E. in convoy PA 16. All hands were saved from that sinking and continued on to Murmansk with their convoy.

      Soon thereafter Howard Rivet along with the other crew of the Alamar were beimg repatriated to the United States aboard the S.S. Massman in convoy QP 13 from Murmansk to New York vis Iceland..  Heavy weather on July 5, 1942 at 2130 hours local time forced the Massman's convoy into an allied minefield off the coast of Iceland.  The S.S. Massman was one of four in a line of American flagged Merchant men which struck mines. One mine struck the Massman aft of the #5 hold on the Starboard side and a few seconds later a second mine exploded beside the #4 hold. These blows proved fatal and the Massman, together with the three other mined vessels, sunk.

      Seventeen crew members including the Captain of the Massman were killed as were 23 members of the Alamar and her Captain. Howard Stanely Rivet was among those lost at sea in this disaster.

------ A. Rivet


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