Biography of Harry C. Chilton

ADC, USS Curtis AV-4, Pearl Harbor, WWII, USN

   Harry C. Chilton was a Pearl Harbor Survivor having been serving on the USS CURTISS AV-4 at the time of the attack. Harry Chilton remained in the Navy until retirement. He was a member of many organizations including the USS CURTISS (AV-4) Association.

   Harry C. Chilton, 85, passed away September 19, 2005 in Jacksonville, Florida. He was preceded in death by his first wife Betty Chilton, he is survived by his wife, Christeen Chilton; daughter Kristina Chilton Holden (husband Edward); step daughter, Doris Blood (husband Jerry); brother Donald Chilton; grandchild Jonathan Holden (wife Angie); great grandchildren Paige and Avery Holden; and many loving nieces and nephews and a host of friends.

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