Frank Wolff

LT.j.g. U.S.N., U.S.S. Saratoga, 1944-45

      In the spring of 1944, I went to Europe on a Destroyer Escort. After that trip, due to the north Atlantic seas, I was hospitalized for seasickness.

     Then I was sent to Seattle to be aboard the Saratoga (CV3--Aircraft Carrier). The Saratoga was in Bremerton, Wahington, for repairs at that time. Then it (with me) went to Pearl Harbor, as a training ship for Pilots---then on to Ulithi---where we joined a large U.S. fleet for a bombing raid on Japan.

     On the way back to Ulithi, The Saratoga was sent to Iwo Jima to help the Marines take Iwo. When we got to Iwo, in February, 1944, we were hit by 6 Suicide Japanese planes, causing many fires to break out on the deck---from all the gasoline. And killing 165 of our men.

     During this attack at Iwo, I was in charge, by telephone, of the numerous fire pumps aboard the ship. Afterwards, we had to throw at least 60 damaged planes into the sea. And, tragically, had to see to the burial of as many men, killed by this attack, as we could find.

     We "limped" back to the States for repairs. The war ended before we had to go back again.

God Bless You all--

Very sincerely,

Frank Wolff (lieut jg-US navy-retired)

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