Biography of Charles G. Calkins, Sr.


     My father was in the coast guard and in the navy during wwii and in the phillipine war. He was born Dec.17,1926 and left us this last year for a better place. I have tried to get info on his tour of duty. He had told us he was on a distroyer by the name uss Rhodes and on a pt boat called the billy mitchel. On of these ships were sunk and he was one of the few servivors. The ship was on escort for a secret fleet of ships and this boats soul perpose was to take hits for this fleet if it should acure which it did. My fathers name was Charles g. Calkins sr. And according to his many stories he held many ranks. As he was a bit of a hellion in his day. Any one who may recognise this name or the events of either of these ships please let me know. I'll be watching this site to see if there are any servivors left. Also he used to say he was a child radio star called "barnical bill the sailor".

Sincerly in loving memory

C.l. Calkins


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