Biography of Jesse Ruben Moreno

Electricians Mate 3/c, USS Chandler DMS9, United States Navy, WWII

   My dad to was an Electricians Mate Third Class on the USS Chandler from 1943 to the end of the war 1945. He got aboard in Alaska and then went out to battle in the Pacific.

USS Chandler as configured when it was DD206

   He lost half his finger on one hand while trying to release a mine but he didn't get it recorded correctly and he had no record of it when he came home, so no purple heart no nothing. His name is Jesse Ruben Moreno from Dallas, Texas. He a light skinned Mexican American fellow that never really had an accent other than his Texas one and stands about 5 foot 3 inches and at that time would fight anyone. My dad is now 82 and still going strong. He still can remember the Japanese pilot's faces as they passed by their ship on the way to hit a bigger one.

   My dad told us a story as we grew up how that where allowed to go a shore and a few of his buddies traded some ice cream off their ship for these rifles with then US Marines on shore. Well none of them were allowed to bring those captured guns on board and they had to throw the in the water. Well I found a gentleman who collects WWII Japanese stuff and I told him that story and did he know where I could by one, well guess what? He sent me one free for my dad and said it was a honor to do it. I gave it to him this Christmas and he got a kick out of it and shows it off to everyone along with his WWII navy blanket I also got him. I especially like the picture of him reunited with a Jap rifle (as he calls it) after all the years. I try to tell him you can't call people Jap's anymore but he was there and I guess he earned that right.

Bridge of USS Chandler showing 4 Jap planes and one Jap sub claimed, Ship Patch, Ribbons and Rank Insignia of Jesse Moreno

  During the war Jesse R. Moreno was awarded the Phillipine Liberation Ribbon with cluster, The Asiatic/Pacific Campaign Medal with three clusters, and the American Campaign Medal.

----- Son of Jesse Moreno

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Below Photographs of Men of the USS Chandler, in Port and On Ship


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