How We Served

An Anecdotal History of a World at War

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       How We Served, is an anecdotal history of a century of military and homefront service around the globe during times of peace and war. Told by the men and women who so served, or their loved ones, their service is memorialized to varying degrees, from longer first hand reflections, to shorter summations raising a hand to be counted as having been there. All are included, for all served, and that service deserves our remembrance, and our thanks.

Table of Contents, Volume III, Stories of Men and Women whose last named begin with M to P

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Volume I, Stories of Men and Women whose last named begin with A to F

Volume II, Stories of Men and Women whose last named begin with G to L

Volume IV, Stories of Men and Women whose last named begin with Q to Z

Volume V, Some Unit Rosters and Histories

Volume VI, Photographs and Documents

Volume VII, Addendum I, Entries added after the publication of volumes I to VI

Please note that not every story on the site is included. Firstly there story may have missed the initial publication, in which case they should be in later editions and the coming addendum. Secondly some are omitted or shortened per the request of the provider or because they are linked external sites not part of the Museum. Also some stories will be shorter in the book due to the need to focus on their CCC content. Longer non CCC biographical material may only be on the website, while military related biography may be bifurcated to be published separately in soon to be published similar volumes related to that subject titled, How We Served, An Anecdotal History of a World at War (Coming Soon).

Many of the stories contained in the online James F. Justin CCC Museum are now in paperback and kindle ebook format, with more coming, check out

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How We Served, An Anecdotal History of a World at War

Volume I table of contents

Norman Macdonald 9

Mail Plane 9

Jim Maloney, RAF 9

Santo Marciano, Soldier, US Army, Philippines, WWII 20

Margate Pier 21

Samuel Marks, T/5, HQ Co., 2nd Bn., 345th Inf. Regt., 87th Inf. Div., U.S. Army 21

Bob Marvin, Radar Operator, VC-12/VAW-12, USN 22

Frank Burchett Maupin, Jr., Sailor, U.S.S. Enterprise, USN 22

Ben May, Flight Engineer, 420 Squadron RCAF, Bomber Command, RAF, WWII 22

Oliver Louis Mazzaferri, P.F.C., 31st Medical Co. & 1st Medical Co., First Army, U.S. Army 29

James William McCartney, EM3/c, 706 94 73, USS Sculpin (SS-191), US Navy, WWII 31

William Henry McCartney, Master Sergeant, "A" Battery, Tenth 155Mm Gun Battalion, Corps Artillery, Fifth Amphibious Corps, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific, United States

Marine Corps, WWII 35

William T. McCartney, 21st Marine Regt, 3d Marine Division, Guam, USMC 72

Jan McCormick, Newburgh, NY, Home Front 72

Brendan E McIntyre, PFC, Co A, 82nd Armd Rec Bn, 2nd Armd Div, USA 73

O. S. McIver, KIA, USAAF 74

Mike McKinney, 1st Plat., L Co., 16th Inf. Regt., 1st Inf. Div., U.S. Army 74

James "Jim" McLeod, T/Sgt, Engineer, 101st Abn, US Army 75

Irma Jack Medley, USS Arizona, USN 76

Martin R. Merlis, Capt., Medical Officer, USA 77

Ray Merrill, Aviation Radioman, PBY VP, USS Ballard, Pearl Harbor, USN 77

Lloyd Mielke, Soldier, 6th Armored Division, US Army 79

Phyllis Miles (formerly Phyllis Dike), LACW, WAAF 80

Reg Miles, Ex Apprentice No 1 S.of T.T., R.A.F., Halton 39th Entry 34 - 67 M.U.s - 27 A/S Bloemspruit South Africa - Lympe Kent, Flight Engineer 432 Squadron RCAF, 420 Squadron RCAF, 6 Group Bomber Command, Eastmoor, Tholthorpe, Yorkshire / 242- 246 - 511 Squadrons Transport Command Lyneham,, RAF 95

Post Office Telegram 158

William John Thomas Miles, Home Front, UK 241

Cliff Miller, 372nd Eng Bn / 3rd Pltn, C Troop, 42nd Sqdn, 2nd Cav Grp, U.S. Army 245

Victor J. "Baseplate" Miller, Sgt., Co. E, 5th Ranger Battalion, U.S. Army 250

William Howard Millholland, 1989th QM Truck Co., 14th A.F., U.S. Army 296

Guy Minnick, USAAF 296

Brad Mitton, 212th Fld. Atty. Bn, MA NG / 709th MP Bn, USA (Germany) / 320th MP Bn, USAR 296

Meyer "Mike" Moldeven, Civil Service, Parachute Rigger, Hickam AFB, Hawaii, WWII & Parachute Acquisition, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio, Korea & Logistical Analyst, Nouasseur AB, Morocco, Cold War & Civilian Deputy, Inspector General's Office, McClellan AFB, Vietnam 297

Harley F. Mooney, Capt., Co A, 1st Bn, 7th Inf Regt, 3rd Inf Div 329

Jesse Ruben Moreno, Electricians Mate 3/c, USS Chandler DMS9, United States Navy, WWII 335

Edward F. Morgan, Signal Corps, US Army 349

John I. Morgan, F2/c, USS Steamer Bay, CVE-87, USN 349

William R. Morris, Major, 92nd Div/93rd Div/99th Pursuit Sqdn, USA/USAAF/USAFR 350

W. H. Mowery, Sailor, World War II, USN & Soldier, Cold War, USA 351

William Henry Muncy, Wing Commander, Pilot, No. 43 Squadron RAF, RCAF 351

Joe Musilek, Third Army, Battle of the Bulge, & FIAT, USA 353

My Dad Meets General Patton 354

Frank W. Nadeau Jr., Gunner, Helldiver, VB-84, AG-84, USS Bunker Hill, US Navy WWII & Col., 11th Airborne, U.S. Army, Korea, Vietnam 354

Thomas Joseph Nadeau, Private, 186 Aero Squadron & 152 Aero Squadron, Air Service, United States Army, World War I 358

Nelson Napp, SS Exchequer, Merchant Marine 358

Robert George Nassau, Lt, USAAF 358

Harold E. Nelson, Aviation Metalsmith 3/C, Pensacola NAS, Florida, USN 359

William F. Nesser, US Merchant Marine 359

Paul Erwin "Jumbo" Newland, Miltary Police, US Army, WWII 367

Bobby Lloyd Nichols, USS Eisner, DE192, USN 367

Vernon O. Nixon, 410th Bomb Group 368

Les Nordlund, PFC, Co B, 1st Bn, 405th Inf Regt, 102nd Inf Div, 9th Army, USA 368

Bud Norris, Damage Control 2nd Class, USS Curtis AV-4, United States Navy 372

John J. Ogert, BMC, USS Heywood AP-12, USS Ormsby APA-49, USS Great Sitken AE-17, USS Richard Page DEG-5, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, USN 373

Lamoine "Frank'' Olsen, Col, Plt Sgt, 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division, Battle of the Bulge, Huertgen Forest, US Army 374

Mathew J. Pacana, Soldier, M Company, 13th Regiment, 8th Infantry Division, US Army 378

Robert Garner Packer, CM3/c, USS Currituck, Aleutian Islands, Dutch Harbor, USN 379

Joseph A. Pagliuca, Cpl, 61st Arm Inf Bn, 10th Armored Division, 3rd Army, US Army 380

John Ray Partin, Signalman, PO1, USS Hovey DMS-11 & USS Carmita IX 152, USN, WWII 380

Harold Pelias, Phy/2nd LST 497, USN 381

Silas Pellington, SS Mongolia, Merchant Marine 381

Andy Pender, 7 Platoon, C Company, 1st Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers, Royal Army 383

Harry C. Perkins, USS Yorktown, CV10, USN 383

Richard E. Pianca, LtCol, Cold War & Supply Sergeant, 578th Engineers, 40th Infantry Division, Korea, USAR 390

Mike Piazza, MM1/c, LST 957, USN 391

Piccadilly Commandos 393

Harold Howard Pinder, Lt., 67th Squadron, 44th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force, USAAF 394

John Joseph Pinder, T/5, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, Medal of Honor, D-Day, US Army 394

David Lee Pollock,Ranger, 8th Ranger, US Army 394

Alfred M. Pride, Adm, USS Belleau Wood, USN 396

Proud 398

Sylvester Puccio, USS West Virginia BB48, Pearl Harbor, WWII, US Navy 398

Soldier 401

Afterword 403



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