Thirty Dollars A Day, One Day A Month

An Anecdotal History of the Civilian Conservation Corps

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Thirty Dollars A Day, One Day A Month: An Anecdotal History of the Civilian Conservation Corps

Volume I table of contents

Table of Contents Pg. 5

About this Work Pg. 10

Forward Pg. 11

The Civilian Conservation Corps Pg. 12

Organizational Overview Pg. 16

The Men

James F. Justin, Co. 1229, Machias NY, Co. 1295, Magnolia DE Pg. 17

Armond C. Allbritton, Warrenton, Oregon Pg. 33

Andy Anderson, C. 644, Phillips, WI, Camp Elk River, NY Pg. 34

Jack Percy Anderson, Co. 869, Farmersville, Texas Pg. 35

John Andolina, Co. 1212, Elkmont, Tennessee & Zion National Park, UT Pg. 35

Leonard Anglin, Camp F-32A, Sedona, AZ Pg. 37

John Clyde Arnold, Youngstown, Florida Pg. 38

Joseph Arnold, Co. 1938, Grand Junction, Colorado Pg. 39

Thomas F. Arnold, Co. 1410, Cross City, FL & Keystone Heights, FL Pg. 53

Peter Arsenault, Co. 2102, Camp Fechner, Danbury, CT Pg. 63

Daniel Atzenhoefer, Unknown Co. Pg. 64

Dominick N. August, Co. 1230, Camp S-100-NY, Masonville, NY Pg. 64

Louis Baiz, Seven Springs, AZ Pg. 66

Roy Lester Barbe, Camp Tom Howard, Bristol, Sullivan Co. Tn. Pg. 66

Charles Barbuti, Co. 1285, SCS-5, Attica, New York Pg. 67

Jesse Albert Barnes, Unknown Co. and Camp near Appalachian Trail Pg. 67

Merton F. Barrs, Co. 1910, Camp F-21, Camp Indian River, Happy Camp, CA Pg. 67

Luther E. Bates, Co. 1466, Camp S-78, Pikeville, Tennessee Pg. 67

Jerry Bayer, Camp Long Lake, WI HQ, Sparta, WI Pg. 68

Travis Belue, Co. 2133, Camp BR-7, Camp Deaver, Wyoming Pg. 69

Harry Bender, Unknown Co., Jockey Hollow Morristown, New Jersey Pg. 71

Norvin T. Bickers, Co. 561, Glenburn, CA & Camp F-124, Naples, ID & SCS-5 Walton, KY Pg. 71

George F. Biello, Co. 311, Sedona, AZ Pg. 72

James William Biggs, Co. 411, Bryson City, North Carolina Pg. 72

Emil Billitz, Co 1220, Peekskill, NY & Co. 252 Packwood, WA, & Glenada, OR Pg. 75

Charles Willis Bird, Co. 997, Mendocino National Forest, Lake County, CA Pg. 75

E. A. Blackman, Unknown Co., Bowling Green, Missouri Pg. 79

Donald Blackrud, Deception Pass Pg. 80

Ray F Blair, Sr., Co. 1292, Blackfoot, ID & Co. 4605, Mountain Home, ID, Bruneau, ID Pg. 80

Alton Blanche and Mildred Blanche, Winnebago, Nebraska Pg. 82

Edwin Blasingim, First Sergeant, Leader, CCC Man 1935-1941, Co. 1466, Camp S-78 Pg. 82

Ruben Blunt, Co. 2585, Camp Englishton, Lexington, Indiana Pg. 87

Lester T. A. Boccuzzi, Co. 2137, Camp Mullin Creek, Centenial, Wyoming Pg. 90

William Bonenberger, Assistant Leader, Camp Alkali Lake, Burns, Oregon Pg. 91

Buford Houston Bottoms, Camp Cook, Afton, Wyoming Pg. 98

Thomas R. Bowerman, Co. 6436, Leavenworth, WA & Yakima, WA & Dupont, WA Pg. 99

Shirley W. Bradfield, Co. 3544, Camp F-35 Camp Manila, Manila, UT Pg. 116

William Bradish, Camp Newberry, Newberry, Michigan Pg. 117

Raymond Branch, Co. 1732, Blooming Rose, Missouri Pg. 117

Ed Braun, Co. 3556 D.G.115 (Division of Grazing), Green River, UT Pg. 119

John B. Brettell, Capt., Co. 316C, Straight Creek, PA & Piney River & Big Island, VA Pg. 132

Thomas I. Brewster, Co. 183, Camp S-56, Kent, CT Pg. 138

Jack T. Brown, CCC Man, Camp Kankakee, IL Pg. 138

Robert Bulchis, Co. 937, Lake Cle Elum, Washington & Camp Louella, Sequim, WA Pg. 139

Patrick J. Burke, Jr., Co. 2387, Fort Hunt, Alexandria, VA Pg. 144

James C. Burnett, Co. 3894, Mesa, Colorado & Unknown Co., Sedona, AZ Pg. 145

William I. Byrd, Co. Clerk, Co. 6426, Eureka UT, & Green River, UT Pg. 149

Anthony J. Caffrey, Rhinelander, WI Pg. 150

Robert L. Call, Co. 1587, Camp SCS-2, Camp Tecumseh, Lafayette, Indiana Pg. 151

Vondalee D. Callahan, Co. 3844, Redvale, CO Pg. 153

George Cannata, Co. 1266, Priest River, ID & Camp F31, Mountain Ranch, CA Pg. 155

Kenneth Carlson, Co. 4710, SCS Camp, Blair, Nebraska Pg. 162

Abraham Caroff, Co. 1285, SCS-5, Attica, New York Pg. 162

Clarence H. Carroll, Co. 1999, numerous camps, Montana & Yellowstone, WY Pg. 163

Ernest Carter, Unknown Co. and Camp possibly near Glasgow, KY Pg. 165

Ralph Castelluccio, Co. 1259, Yellowstone, Wyoming & Sloatsburg, NY Pg. 165

Julian Cavazos, San Fernando Valley, CA Pg. 166

Archie Ceaser "Popeye" Chapmond, Co. 810, & Co. 3825, Hugo, Colorado Pg. 166

John D. Chepetz, Co. 2323, Camp SCS-5, Sligo, PA Pg. 166

James Chiariello, Co. 288, Fort Hancock, N, Co. 242, Woodbine, NJ Pg. 174

Guy Christianson, Co. 1610, Phillips, WI, Park Falls, WI, Loretta, WI Pg. 175

Nicholas M. Cirillo, Co. 311, various camps, Sedona, AZ Pg. 178

Guido Civiello, Co. 533, White Sulfur Springs, Montana Pg. 179

Roy Udell Clay, Colonel and Engineer numerous Camps in Ohio Pg. 180

John F. Clemens/John F. Klementowski, Co. 293 Vicksburg, MS, Pine Grove, CA Pg. 196

Milburn H. Cody, Co 1525, & Co 3549, numerous Camps in WV Pg. 196

Carroll S. Collins, Camp S-95, Lake Port, PA Pg. 196

James A. Coleman, Co. 3844, Camp DG-11-C, Redvale, Colorado Pg. 197

Brigido G. Contreras, Unknown Co. Pg. 197

R. C. Corbyn, 2nd Lt., Unknown Companies, AZ, Colorado and AR Pg. 197

Joseph D. Cornelius, Co. 1101, West Campton, NH Pg. 198

Emile P. Cote, Unknown Co. Pg. 207

Elias W. Covington, Co. 4520, Fort Bragg, NC & Co. 429, Yanceyville, NC & Roxboro, NC Pg. 208

Howard L. Cox, Oakland, CA & Yosemite, Mt. Diablo and Mount Tamalpois, CA Pg. 212

Seldon Cunningham, Co. 3464, Crossville, TN Pg. 213

Owen R. Cusick, Unknown Co., Bunker, Missouri Pg. 214

Edward Bernard Czernek, Plattsburg, NY Pg. 215

John Daly, Co. 2746, Camp SCS-3 Alcester, SD & Walcott, AR Pg. 215

Frank Damon, Co. 445, Fort Moultrie & Cheraw, SC Pg. 219

Wilbert Dauphin, Unknown Company Pg. 220

David Davis, Tempe, AZ & Three Rivers, CA Pg. 221

Jim Davis, Camp Lost Creek, Lassen National Park, CA Pg. 221

Paul Davison, Hamilton, Ohio Pg. 221

Aaron Deem, Los Angeles District Pg. 222

John B. Derden, Co. 3435, Rome, Georgia & Co. 5463, Camp F-41, Ruch, Oregon Pg. 223

What We Did For A Dollar A Day, A CCC Poem Pg. 229

Typical CCC Company Organizational Chart Pg. 235

Excerpts from Handbook for the CCC Enrollee Pg. 236

Oath of Enrollment Pg. 248

CCC Souvenir Catalog Pg. 249

Francis DiAmico, PA Pg. 251

Donald E. Dietz, Co. 222, Camp S-93-NY, Breakabeen, NY Pg. 252

Ernest Gilbert Dixon, Capt., Co. 722, Hovland, Minnesota Pg. 257

Finlan Dumond, Co. 160, Co. 158, various camps, Maine Pg. 259

Charles Francis Dunleavy, Co. 251, French Creek, Riggins, Idaho Pg. 260

Fred Thomas Duray, CCC Man, Company 290, Boise Idaho Pg. 260

Joseph Duschik, CCC Man, Unknown Company, Schroeder, MN Pg. 260

Fletcher William Donaldson, Co 2586, Co 2048, Co 1522, Co 532, WV Pg. 260

Leo Obal Dykes, Co. #2819, Camp Watonga SP-21-OM Pg. 261

Herald Leon Edds, Co. 564, Camp F-3-KY, McKee, KY Pg. 261

Chuck Edwards, Co. 1910, Camp Seaid, Siskiyou, CA Pg. 262

Ralph L. Emery, Co. 1910, Sigel, PA & Kane, PA & Clearfield, PA Pg. 262

LeRoy Everett, Co. Commander, Camp Medicine Lake, Montana Pg. 274

Robert I. Ewing, Co. 979, Camp F-72, Idaho Falls, Idaho Pg. 274

Jim Farley, Co. 144, Rangely, Maine Pg. 275

James Favala, Co. 272, Camp 52, Boston Corners, New York Pg. 284

Frederick T. Feil, Co. 1645, French Creek Camp, Pierce, Idaho & CA Pg. 288

Charles A. Ferry, Co. 703, Camp Caribou, Camp F-11, Lutsen, Minnesota Pg. 290

Roy D. Fitts, Co. 793, Hill City, South Dakota Pg. 291

Cecil Q. Flowers, First Vice President NACCCA, CCC Man Pg. 293

Frank J. Fontanetta, Co. 603, Ojai, CA & Camp F-193, Pierce, ID Pg. 294

Orin Henry Foutz, Company 1838, Tucson, AZ Pg. 295

Paul H. Frame, Co. 565, Soda Springs, CA & Camp F-157, Highland, CA Pg. 307

Tom Frantz, Camp S-139, Camp Pocono, Promised Land, PA Pg. 315

Afterword Pg. 318

Volume II table of contents

About this Work Pg. 12

Forward “The President’s Greeting” Pg. 13

CCC Organizational Summary Pg. 14

A Call to Arms Pg. 16

An Act for the Relief of Unemployment Pg. 16

This Great Group of Men Pg. 16

The Men Pg. 17

George Galo, 191st Co., Waterbury, VT Pg. 17

Charles W. Garland, Unknown Company Pg. 18

Al Garvey, Co. 1297, Camp Zillah, Washington Pg. 18

Lyle Gaston, Unknown Company Pg. 18

Clifford C. Glawe, Camp Perkinstown, WI Pg. 18

Norbert N. Gebhard, Co. 3683, Camp Alvin, WI Pg. 18

Lawrence H. (Jack) Genteman, Unknown Company, Missouri or Illinois Pg. 20

Richard Albert Gillespie, Priest River, Idaho & Edmison, New Jersey Pg. 20

Charles M. Gilliland, Co. 2920, Camp Sullivan Lake, Camp F-1, Metaline Falls, Washington Pg. 21

Paul J. Gilmet, Camp Wellston, Wellston, Michigan Pg. 22

Sterling B. Gleason, Leipsic, Delaware & Likely, CA & Palisades Park, Englewood, New Jersey Pg. 25

Charles E. Gloyd, Co. 1603, Camp Mondo River / Co. 660, Manitowish River, WI Pg. 26

Feliciano Gomez, Durango, Colorado & Cuba, New Mexico Pg. 27

Rafael Gonzales, Co. 252, West Almond, NY & Newhalen, OR & Vancouver Barracks, WA Pg. 27

Harry Goolie, Co. 1745 and Co. 2920, Camp F-1, Camp Sullivan Lake, Metaline Falls, WA Pg. 28

Curtis O. Greer Jr., Co. 878, Cleburne, Texas & Co. 878, Camp SCS-37-T, Waxahachie, TX Pg. 28

Cecil Dozier Griffin, Co. 841, Reserve, New Mexico & Silver City, NM & Co. 841, Cody, WY Pg. 33

Charlie Griffin, Camp Rand, Galice, OR & Diamond Lake, OR, Siskiyou National Forest Pg. 38

Morris Grodsky, Camp BR-59-C, Vallecito Dam, near Palisades, CO and Grand Junction, CO Pg. 39

Francis J. Gutman, Co. 938, Clearwater, WA & Co. 4275 - Co. 2941, Mount Ranier, WA Pg. 43

William J. Haas, Co. 1241, Bolton, Montana Pg. 44

Earl F. Haferbecker, Backbone State Park, Lamont, Iowa & Caledonia, Minnesota Pg. 44

Clarence Hall, Olympic National Forest & Mt. McKinley National Park, Alaska Pg. 46

Lewis Hall, Co. 331, Camp S-116, Camp Anderson Creek, Clearfield, PA Pg. 46

Otto Hall, MI Pg. 46

Charles Escott Hancock, Technical Service Staff, Camp Mt. Mansfield & Rutland, VT Pg. 47

Bernard W. Hargadon, unknown Co. near Lakehurst, New Jersey Pg. 47

Ralph G. Hargin, Co. 984, Camp Matlock & Camp White River Pg. 48

Woodrow W. Harrelson, Co. Commander, Worley and other Camps in Idaho & Mena, Arkansas Pg. 48

David Hassler, Co. 1472, Camp S-66, Picket State Park, Picket State Forest, Henryville, TN Pg. 49

Reinhardt Hecht, Co. 604, Columbia National Forest, Guler and Peterson Prairie, WA Pg. 49

Jonathan Hedglin, Idaho & Oregon & Hacklebarny State Park, NJ Pg. 55

Ole S. Helgeson, Unknown Company Pg. 56

Albert D. Herrin, SCS Camp, Moscow, Idaho Pg. 56

John T. Hibbert, Co. 1262, Camp F-54. Donnally, Idaho Pg. 57

Woodrow "Woody" Hipsher, Co. 1716, & Co. 3745, numerous camps in Missouri Pg. 58

Rudolph Elmer Hoff, Co. 653 Camp Clam Lake WI, Camp Boot Lake -Townsend, WI Pg. 59

Anthony S. Hollman, Unknown Company Pg. 61

James Lafayette Holloway, Hawthorne, Nevada & Bishop, CA Pg. 61

George Holveck, Jr., Co. 867, Juanita Springs, Colorado Pg. 64

Ausley Clarence Horton, Co. V-2775, Camp Mandan, North Dakota Pg. 66

Michael Hotolsky, Co. 205, Camp S-57 & Co. 204, Camp S-82 Pg. 66

William Paul Howland, Columbia Station, Ohio Pg. 66

John Henry Hubert, Hobart, Oklahoma & Yukon, Oklahoma & Colorado Pg. 66

Frederick James Hubert, Company 1380 Camp S-118, Huntley PA Pg. 66

John Hudak, PA Pg.67

Edward Huey, Alaska Pg. 67

Ben H. Hunt, Co. 3780, numerous camps Pg. 68

William Fisher Irwin, VA Pg. 71

Bill E. R. Iund, Co. 853, Dayton, Ohio Pg. 71

Jesse F. Ivins, Jr., Co. 298, Placerville, CA Pg. 71

Paul Maynard Jackett, Skokie Lagoon, Camp SP-IL, Winnetka, Illinois Pg. 76

Virgil Jahns, Co. 2616, Merril, WI Pg. 76

Alex James, Co. 1530, Ohio & Co. 544, Wyoming & Co. 558, Idaho Pg. 77

George James, Camp SCS-5-C, Springfield, CO & Camp NP-4-C, Estes, Colorado Pg. 78

Harry J. Jenkins, Lt. Col., Co. 140, MA & Co. 1102, WI & Co. 1156, MA, & Co. 4106 MA Pg. 78

Charles Jessup, Co. 2325, Camp Charles E. Baer Camp (S-144-Pa), Emporium, PA Pg. 79

Joseph Louis Johns, Co. 1418, Camp P-71, Sulphur Springs, Florida Pg. 80

Ben Johnson, Co. 1302, Bremerton, WA & Co. 2911, Camp F-85, North Bend, Washington Pg. 80

Don Johnson, Co. 1302, Bremerton, Washington & Co. 2911, North Bend, Washington Pg. 81

John E. Johnson, Staff, Co. 2878, San Augustine, Texas Pg. 83

Marion Johnson, Co. 3842, Kline and Red Mesa, Colorado Pg. 83

Marion F. Johnson, Co. 560, Clarkia, Idaho & Camp P-216, Camp Las Posadas, Angwin, CA Pg. 83

Paul Howard Johnson, Farmington, PA Pg. 98

Robert Barnes Johnson, Lt., Camp Van Etten, NY & Camp Selkirk, NY Pg. 98

Roy L. Johnson, Co. 667, Raco, Michigan Pg. 99

Gaylord Clinton Jolly, Jr., Camp Luzerne, Michigan Pg. 99

Francis D. Jones, Co. Commander, New Roads, Louisiana Pg. 100

Leslie David Jones, Co. 869, Farmersville and Kaufman Texas Pg. 100

John J. Jurras, CCC Educational Advisor, Co. 146, Marshfield, VT Pg. 101

James F. Justin, Co. 1229 Machias NY & Co. 1295, Magnolia DE Pg. 120

Owen Justin, Co. 118, Camp S-55, East Jaffrey, N.H. Pg. 135

Charles Kadlowec, Co. 2526, Camp G-143, Rogerson, Idaho Pg. 136

James C. Keene, Co. 5442 Wells Tannery, PA & Co. 5541 NV & Camp P-85 Brooker, Florida Pg. 136

Christopher Martin Keller, Camp S-80-Pa, Masten, Pa Pg. 137

Charles Kierniesky, Parvin State Park, Pitsgrove Township, New Jersey Pg. 137

Jessie Lee Kilgore, Co. 4426, Lexington, Mississippi & Camp SCS-25, Winona, Mississippi Pg. 138

Sam G. King, Co. 468 near Oxford, Alabama Pg. 139

Rudolph Kirchgassner, Co. 293, Vicksburg, Mississippi & Co. 293, Pine Grove, CA Pg. 146

John F. Klementowski / John F. Clemens, Co. 293, Vicksburg, MS & Camp P-209, Pine Grove, CA Pg. 151

'June' Warner Pendleton Knick, Jr., Co. 3869, Cuyamanca Rancho, CA Pg. 152

James E. Knight, Co. 1813, Ardmore/Davis, Oklahoma & Co. 868, Palisade Colorado Pg. 156

Wesley Knipe, Co. 1147, Warner, New Hampshire Pg. 161

Richard F. Knox, Co. 956, Camp Taft, Camp F-9-MT, Haugan, Montana Pg. 162

Robert J. Koffron, Co. 1664, Sault Ste Marie, Michigan & Co. 669, Manistique, Michigan Pg. 163

Leo C. Kreigh, Jr., Co. 210, Katonah NY & Carmel Camp, NY & Sea Girt, NJ, Co. 2211, Fort Dix, NJ Pg. 175

James J. La Guidice, Co. 226, Storm King Mountain, Cornwall, NY Pg. 175

Herbert S. Lake, Co. 1952 Big Sur State Park CA, Crane Flats CA, Co. 1913 Empire Meadows, CA Pg. 176

W. Scott Lamb, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, North Dakota Pg. 178

Howard L. Lange, M.D., Unknown CCC Camp in Ozarks, Missouri Pg. 178

John Lawson, Co. 1807, Saratoga, Wyoming & Eureka, UT Pg. 179

Lucian Layne, Co. 793, Camp Sharden, Hill City, South Dakota Pg. 179

William Leggat, Co. 2328, Shelocta, PA Pg. 179

Roy S. Lehman, Co. 1220, Carmel, New York & Co. 3208, Hiese, Idaho Pg. 181

Robert L. Leisure, Co. 2514 at a Camp near Fort Douglas, UT and Co. 2529 Henieville, UT Pg. 182

Norman N. Len, Co. 2530, Camp DG-35, Milford, UT Pg. 185

William Levitt, Leader, Co. 225, Lovelock, Nevada & Averill Park, New York Pg. 186

Frank Lewis, NYA Pg. 187

Jack Lewis, Co. 1295, Magnolia, DE & Co. 1224, Lewes, DE & Co. 3221, Leipsic DE Pg. 190

Robert H. Lewis, Co. 990, SP-12, Big Sur, CA Pg. 199

Arthur Lien, Co. 1723, Walker, Minnesota Pg. 200

Louie Caswell Linkous, Either Co. 3549 or Co. 3510, Ronceverts, WV Pg. 200

Wendell Littleton, Unknown Co. Lassen State Park, CA Pg. 200

William Livingston, Co. 1195, Camp S-54, Hadden, CT Pg. 201

George Lockwood, Co. 3556, Camp DG-115, Green River, UT Pg. 203

Anthony Longo, Co. 1283, Camp F-29, Prichard, Idaho Pg. 208

Louis Longo, Hamlin Beach, NY & Fort Niagara, NY Pg. 208

Michael Longo, Co. 287, Camp SP-19, Stratford, Baynesville, VA Pg. 208

Ray Lower, Co. 920, Camp Orleans, Camp F-22-CA, Orleans, CA Pg. 208

Richard Lytle, Co. 793, Camp F-9, Hill City, South Dakota Pg. 210

Leon Madden, Co. 747, Camp F-1, Eagleton, AR & Camp F-31, Paris, AK Pg. 212

Santo Marciano, Assistant Leader, Co. 3225m Camp GLO-5, Elkton, Oregon Pg. 214

Walter Marsh, Co. 959, Mount Pleasant, UT and Fairview, UT Pg. 215

Frank Allen Martin, Co. 3342, Petrified Forest & Grand Canyon, AZ Pg. 217

Lawrence Martin, Rutland, VT Pg. 217

Charles William Mays, Col., Co. 1538, Pineville, WV Pg. 218

Frank Burchett Maupin, Jr., Camp S-53, Putney, Harlan County, KY Pg. 219

George E. McCormick Jr., Lt, Russian River, Idaho & Seiad Valley, CA & Lovelock, NV Pg. 219

O. S. McIver, Laramie, Wyoming Pg. 220

Claude McGinnis, Co. 3761, Missouri & Co. 4736, Boise, ID & Camp SCS-9, Emmett, ID Pg. 220

Robert McMilin, Unknown Co., Mt. Shasta, CA Pg. 221

Michael Medes, Numerous Camps New York and Idaho Pg. 222

John Benjamin Meers, Camp Georgia Suches, Georgia Pg. 222

Phil Middelstadt, Co. 1714, Hovland, Minnesota Pg. 222

Lloyd Mielke, Co. 1994, Camp F-142, Priest River, Idaho Pg. 222

Michael Mihalko, Pulaski, New York & Co. 293, Port Angeles, WA & Co. 3224, WA Pg. 223

James Peyton Miller, Yellowstone National Park Pg. 224

Jack E. Milner, Co. 2942, Yakima, WA & Co. 945, Goldendale, WA Pg. 224

Raymond Mingus, Co. 562, Camp Devils Elbow, Prichard Idaho Pg. 225

Guy Minnick, Unknown Co., PA Pg. 229

John W. Mitchell, Sr. (Jay Mitchell), Rapid City SD & Clarksville-Oak, AK Pg. 229

Edwin C. Moore, Numerous Camps Pg. 230

Lowell "Red" Moore, Co. 766, Kramer, ND & Co. 5704, Kooskia, ID & Camp F-190, Lowell, ID Pg. 230

Joseph Morgan Sr., Camp 122, Newport, NH & Camp 104, Freetown, MA Pg. 231

William R. Morris, Unspecified Co. and Camp, Chatsworth, New Jersey Pg. 232

Gerald Wayne Morrison, Salmon, Idaho Pg. 232

W. H. Mowery, Trout Lake, WA & Co. 5481, Oakridge, OR & Clanton, AL & Columbus, GA Pg. 235

Paul Avis Mullins, Co. 2382, Camp Dickenwise, Clintwood, VA & Camp Mullen, VA Pg. 236

George J. Mulligan, Branchville, New Jersey & Florence, Oregon Pg. 237

Joseph Leo Murray, Co. 3342, Camp NM-1, Petrified Forest National Monument, Adamana, AZ Pg. 236

Joe Musilek, Camp Naches, Washington, President NACCCA Chapter 172 Pg. 236

Wesley E. Muth, Co. 1433, Hyrum, UT & Lake Ontario, NY & Binghamton, NY Pg. 239

Raymond William Near, Flagstaff, Maine Pg. 241

Dawson H. Needham, Death Valley, CA & Sequoia National Park, CA Pg. 242

Gerald R. Neeser, 1967th Co., Camp G-153, Lucine, UT Pg. 243

Donald Luther Nelson, Washington and or Montana Pg. 243

Harold E. Nelson, Co. 1694, Camp SCS-11, Mt. Honeb, WI Pg. 243

Eugene Nero, CCC Guest, Camp Danville, Oakwood, Illinois Pg. 244

Chester R. Nichols, Co. 934, Camp F-14, Darrington, WA Pg. 245

Dr. M. Chester Nolte, Educational Instructor, WPA, Co. 769, Indianapola, IA Pg. 245

The CCC Education Program Pg. 247

Sterling Nunn, Co. 4703, Council Grove, Kansas Pg. 249

William Eldon Oakes, Unknown Co. near Dekalb, Mississippi Pg. 249

Chester Obremski, Unknown Co., Plymouth, Massachusetts & Co. 2115, Wapinitia, OR Pg. 250

John J. Ogert, Camp G-118, Elko Nevada & Co. 1602, Necedah, WI Pg. 251

Vic Olsen, Co. 937, Washington Pg. 251

Harold Claude Osborn & Fred Wesley Osborn, Enrollees, Co. 1761, Walla Walla, WA Pg. 252

Wilfred Osman (Bill Osman), Co. 1660, Quincy, IL Pg. 255

Bob Ott, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming & Prichard, Idaho Pg. 256

Mathew J. Pacana, Company 340, Camp DG-46-A, Round Valley, Kingman, Arizona Pg. 257

Hobart Parish, Co. 1474, Clarksville, TN & Camp P-63/SCS-8, Murfreesboro, TN Pg. 276

Walter C. Parrott, Jr., Camp Nile Creek, & Camp near Carnation, Washington & Camp Naches Pg. 296

Edward Paszko, Unknown Company Pg. 298

James Lee Patterson, Unknown Company, Lake Okibojea, IA Pg. 298

Junior K. Paugh, Co 326, Meadow Mountain, VA & Co 2352, Quantico, VA Pg. 298

Simon Bland Pearce, Co. 411, Camp Kephart Prong, Camp NP-5, Smokemont, NC Pg. 298

Thomas E. Pendergast, Co. 2604, Knoxville, Galesburg, IL Pg. 303

Norman P. Perkins, CCC Man, Camp F-132, Prichard, Idaho Pg. 304

Herschel Perlman, M.D., Camp Physician, Co. 2767, Camp DSP-7, Medora, ND Pg. 308

John E. Peters, Co. 3701/3901, Pendleton, OR & St. Mary's ID Pg. 310

Lawrence C. Peterson, Co. 548, Camp F-145, Big Tujunga Canyon, CA Pg. 310

John J. Petrunis, Co. 267 Numerous Camps TN, OR, DE Pg. 311

Mike Piazza, Co. 1291, Centreville, NY Pg. 313

Claude L. Pitcher, Co. 2617, Camp F-31, Camp Sawyer, Hayward / Winter, WI Pg. 315

Ed Pittman, Unknown Company, Appalachian Trail Pg. 319

Peter F. Plyter, Co. 1205, Canby, OR & Ileac OR Pg. 319

Donald D. Pointer, Unknown Company, The Ledges State Park, Boone & Ames, IA Pg. 319

Joseph F. Pollick, Co. 2865, Camp DG-46, Kingman, AZ Pg. 320

Paul Pope, Co. 4480, Hunting Island, Beaufort / Frogmore, SC & Co. 4477, Bishopville, SC Pg. 321

Ernest E. Portwood, Co. 1302, Jackson, WY, Co. 833, Numerous Camps WY, NM Pg. 323

Claude William Potts, Co. 3888, F-61-C, Fort Collins, CO Pg. 324

Afterword Pg. 325

Works by John Kenneth Justin Pg. 326

Volume III table of contents About This Work


Classes of Enrollees

Something About The Enrolled Men

Service in CCC to Date

Working in the CCC

The Men

Curtis M. Queen

Lynn Race

Peter Race

Edward Garnett Radcliff

Stanley Rak

Cecil L. Ragland

Olivet Randall

Allen Jack Randles

William L. Rankin

Lawrence E. Rapson

Rattle Snake Cage (anecdote)

Clark Daniel Ream

Malcolm F. Reed

Carl Will Reinecke

Russell L. Reininger

Edwin Remmick

Bernard L. Rice

Tom Y. Richardson

Ernest Richmond

Hubert L. Riddle

Felix O. Ripkowski

Robert L. Robeson

Evans Robinson

John P. Robinson

Joe Rodimak

Stan Rogers

Willie James Roper

Robert Root

James Rose

Oran C. Rose

Arley Ross

Nicholas Rossi

Robert Lewis Rough

Michael E. Rouse

Ed Ruple

Charles L. Russell

Matthew James Ryan

Issac Jackson Ryles

Natale J. Sabatino

Howard Sabel

Joseph F. Sabo

Harry Sainato

Silas Hottle Sager

Raymond Saladin

Charles J. Salvo

Virgil R. Sams

Harold Sandberg

Woody Sanders

Walter J. Saurack (Walter Sawczak)

Nicholas V. Sawick

Russell Sawyer

Harry Saxman, Sr., aka Ed Saxman

Eugene Thomas Scanlon

Frank J. Schmalz

Charles S. Schmeltzer

Joseph Scmidig

Harry Schorr

Minnie Schreiner

Clarence Schroeter

Arthur Schwarz

Orvall Owen Scott

Anthony Scurato

Lewis J. Seeman

Ferdinand C. Segna

Andrew A. Shaw

W. R. Shaw

Marion F. Shean

Joe Shega

Beurnis W. Sherrod

Leonard Sherry

Rubin Daniel Sherry "Bill"

Roy Shockley (Dutch Shockley)

Arvid K. Shook

Bonnie Joe Simmons

Edward Singleton

William G. Sipp

Anthony "Tony" J. Sitar Sr.

Steve Skrajnar

William W. Slattery

Rodney LaTaine Slifer

George Slowik

Cliff Smedley

Dr. Clarence B. Smith

Glenn Donald Smith

James R. Smith

Jay Brown Smith and Stanley Edgar Cooper

Joseph Darr Smith

Melvin M. Smith

Merritt Junius Smith

Eldon D. Smotherman

Albert William Snyder

W. R. Snyder, Jr.

Gaither Speaks, Sr.

Michael Sopp

Kenneth Sprague

Henry A. Springer

Arlyn LeVere Staack

James Welch States

Jack Steele

John Steele

Ray Steen

Dr. William Stein

Charles H. Steinhauer

Lloyd G. Stevens and John Earn Stevens and Richard (Dick) Sartors

Albert Stimac

Howard Edward Stiner ( Edward Howard Stiner)

William Miles Stokes, Jr.

Perry Strait

Marcel Stratton

Russell C. String

Clifford Stroud

Lyle Stroud

Frank Stutts and Martin Stutts

Wilbur C. Sullivan

William Henry Sullivan

Donald Laverne Swafford, Sr.

Conrad Swalla

Paul Swancara

Carl W. Swanson

Harold F. Sweeney

Arnold Syck

Stanley John Szuba Sr.

Hugh Lee Tanner

James L. Tate

Edwin W. Taylor

Harry Taylor

Harold L. Taylor

Philip E. Teague

Leo Vinson Telles

Jasper N. Terry

Orville H. Tessmer

William Thatcher

Garland Thomas

Edgar C. Thompson

Percy Thompson

John H. Thornton

Daniel D. Thrower

Frank Victor Timpanaro

Lawrence Tinsley

Francis William Tobias

Lester Tower

Joseph Anthony Traina

Lester Trausch

Charles Treve

Wallace C. Trotter

Manas Troyer

Rollin Henry Truax

George Trummer & Richard Trummer

Martin Tucker

James T. Twine

Lloyd Ussery

Leon H. Valley

John R. Van Til

George Varsho

James Vaughn

Leo Grover Vaughn

Vincent Vignola

Joseph J. Vinopal, Sr.

Paul A. von Kleist

Henry B. Voigts

Jack E. Wagner

Louis Wadsworth

John Jacob Walden

Adolph Wall

Clifford Ray Waller

Prentice Walls

Francis R. Walsh

Joseph F. Walsh

Vernis Ward

Kenneth Dale Warren

Richard Waskowiak

Francis L. Waters

Perry T. Watkins

Junior Waverly

Henry Weaver

William Weir

Charles Vexil Domus Weisgerber

Adam Welker

Ellis Werries

John Paul Westfall

Emanuel Anton Wetzstein

Advance "Vance" Wheeler

David Churchill White

Art Whitehead

Rudolph Charles Wilkerson

Ralph P. Wilcox

William Wilkie

Del B. Williams

Leo V. Williams

Leroy C. Williams

Blake Wilson

Frank Waymon Jackson Wilson

George Wilson

Lyall Wilson

Earl W. Winn

Carl E. Wise

Cecil L. Wohlwinder

Stephen J. Wojciechowicz

Edward C. Wood

Clifton Woods

Wendell Workman

Stanley Woznicki

Jesse Wright

John David Wright

Scott Harman Wyeth

Joseph F. Wyson (Joseph Wysocki)

Howard Keith Yoder

Ronald I York

Capus M. Young

Don Young

H. F. Young

Arthur T. Youwer

Arthur A. Zager

Joseph V. Zary

Horace S. Zimmerman

Joseph Zugeber


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