Biography of John J. Ogert

CCC Enrollee, Company , Camp G-118, Elko Nevada & Company 1602, Necedah, Wisconsin

BMC, USS Heywood AP-12, USS Ormsby APA-49, USS Great Sitken AE-17, USS Richard Page DEG-5, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, USN

   I am John J. Ogert, I was in ccc in Camp G-118, Elko, Nevada from 1-14-40 to 6-21-40. Before that I was in Necedah,Wis. In Co 1602. from 10-15-37 to 4-14-38.

   I joined Navy in 1941, spent 33 + years and 3 wars. I joined the Navy a few days after Pearl Harbor. I served during Korea, as well as Viet Nam a total of 33 plus years.

   I went through boot camp at Great Lakes, Il at Camp Paradise in December 1941 and was assigned to U.S.S. Heywood. APA6, a troop transport. Loaded troops at New York and carried them to Iceland. We then went back to Norfolk VA., loaded troops and headed for the South Pacific. We made all the landings, starting with Guadalcanal. I later transfered to U.S.S. Ormsby APA, which was also a troop transport.

   I was on a destroyer during Korea. I was on the U.S.S. Great Sitken,  a ammo ship, during Vietnam. Last duty was aboard U.S.S. Richard Page DEG-5. I was medically discharged in Norfolk in 1977. My wife and I were also at 2 overseas Bases. Would like to hear from anyone I served with in 33 years in Navy.

----- John Ogert


AE Sailors Association Page, website for ammo ship veterans

USS Great Sitken Association, with crew rosters, unit history, photos

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