Leslie Russell Fales

Merchant Marine

    My father, Leslie Russell Fales, died in 1947. I never got to know his family. He was a Merchant Marine and I recently got him a Veteran status. I am going to have his grave marked as soon as I get enough money to have the placque placed at his grave. I have been desperately trying to find his family. He had one brother, Jack Wetherbee, who served in the US Navy during WWII; and two sisters, Anita & Juanita Wetherbee. I think they were raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His parents listed in the obituary were Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Wetherbee. I also found out that his parents were Harvey & Clara Fales. My dad was born in Wisconsin. I received a copy of his death certificate that's how I know who my grandparents are. I have so many unansered questions as my MOM never talked about my Dad or his family. I do have some pictures of them though. I have searched all over. I do have a half-sister, Leslie Ann Fales, who I believe may have been raised in Grand Rapids.

     I want to meet my fathers family as they are my famiy too and I feel as though part of me has been missing all my life. If someone knows any of my relatives, please let me know so I can contact them.

----- Joyce Elizabeth Fales Homeier



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