Biography of Elzylee Gibson

S/Sgt, Picadilly Lillie, 487th Bmb Grp, 8th A.F., U.S.A.A.F.

       I was in the 8th AF during World War II. I was stationed in England in the 487th Bomb Group. I flew 33 combat missions on the Picadilly Lillie, a B17G as Nose Gunner. The nose gunner was also the one who dropped the bombs, we did not use bombardiers. The nose turret was a chin turret.

       The following was the crew of a b-17g crew who flew the Picadilly Lilly and the Queen of Hearts both of these planes were lost in combat. Crew : nose gunner Elzylee Gibson, 33 missions - born and raised in Texas . Known by the other crew members and after the war received a degree in mech engineering and spent 33 years designing air planes and retired to a cattle farm in Texas - Frank Button from Kentucky the navigator - 35 missions after the war - degree in metaalurgy now retired and living in Wisconson - nick name the Kentucky Colonel.: pilot Howard M. Peterson known as pet from mcallen texas- 35 missions now retired and living in Texas : co-pilot Alan Wheasler from indianapolis indiana flew 35 missions and flew copters for the Indiana police dept after the war- now retired: flt engineer and top gunner David Dahlberg living in Minnesota, flew 35 missions and got into the newspaper business in NM after the war and is now retired to Minnesota : radio operator Russel Sandgren - 35 missions- from NY owned and operater his own business in NY - now retired to Maryland and into sailing a boat of his own: ball gunner lloyd quarles from noxville tenn -35 missions now retired from the atomic energy facility near knoxville: waist gunner Bob Mull from middletown ohio- 35 missions retired from armco steel several years ago, he passed from this earth 2 years ago 10 Dec: Walter Reducki the tail gunner- 35 missions- from Michigan and now retired from a caterpillar company and now living in Indiana; this rounds out the crew.

     Mr H.M. Peterson was our comander. He and Al Weasler brought us home each time in good shape. There is abook writen about our crew and the 487th Bomb Group. The title is Two Ladies and Nine Men From Hell written by Lt Col. C. M. Brandt (U.S.A.F., ret.) 1994 Aurora, Colorado. This September we had a reunion in Tucson, Arizona. All nine of our crew was still alive and in contact until 2 years ago when in December the waist gunner passed away. The next reunion is in Tucson Arizona and our reunion will be in San Francisco, California next year.

------- Elzylee Gibson, nose gunner





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