Biography of Harvey Dee Leahman

1st Lt & M/Sgt, USA

   My father, Harvey Dee Leahman, was in Africa during WW II. After seeing the movie "Saving Private Ryan" I asked my mom if she remembered what unit he was in. He went to OCS at what was then Camp Lee in Petersburg, VA. He was a 1st Lt. when he and my mother met and married. They went to Walla Walla, Washington and then when he got orders for Africa she went back home to Petersburg. My older brother was 18 months old when dad came home and I was born about 9 months after his return.

   While in Africa (Tunisia or Dakar) from what she recalls he was with an Airborne unit and was with Air Command or something called ATC as best she can remember.

   After returning from Africa he tried civilian life for a time.

   Then after the fourth child he decided to reenlist. We were in Heidelberg, Germany for almost 3 years in the early 50's and then moved from there to Monterey, CA for about 6 years and then to Panama at Ft Sherman, The Jungle Warfare Training Center, in the early 60's. He had his first heart attack there. He was discharged from the service because of this. He died four years later of a fatal heart attack in the first non Army house we had ever lived in. This was in Petersburg, VA where years earlier he and Mom met. I spent 17 years of my life as an Army brat and never appreciated until later in life what value the travel was to me and how dad's tough demeanor and his discipline was a good thing. If anyone who reads this knew Lt. or Master Sgt. Leahman please write.

----- C Leahman

Email: CLEAHMAN AT msn DOT com



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