Biography of Robert L. Leisure

CCCman, Company 2514 at a Camp near Fort Douglas, Utah and Company 2529 at Camp DG-33 Henieville, Utah

         My grandfather, Robert L.Leisure, Serial# CC5-236919, Served with the CCCs in the 2529th Company, in Utah from April 21, 1937 to December 8, 1937.  Pick and Shovel. Company 2529 was at Fort Douglas, Utah and also at Camp DG-33 near Henieville, Utah.

         On November 15, 1937 he was on leave of abence and was riding in a civillian car when it overturned 4-1/2 miles southwest of the camp in Henieville. He broke his leg. He was then dischaged December 8, 1937 for Serious Misconduct according to his records.  Transportation funished from Henieville,Utah to Richmond, Indiana.

         After all this, Robert Leisure served in World War II with the 707th Tank Battalion. He was subsequently captured and was a POW.

----- M. Allen


Got in From New Mexico, photo by Robert Leisure, Company 2529, Henonville, Utah

Paul Ken, photo by Robert Leisure, Company 2529, Henonville, Utah


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