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Books on the Malaya Emergency

Aerospace Studies Institute, The Accomplishments of Airpower in the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960) (Maxwell AFB, Ala.: Air University, May 1963);

The Communist insurrection in Malaya, 1948-1960 by Anthony Short ASIN: 0584101570 (out of print, try special order at Amazon.com)

P. Dennis and J. Grey, Emergency and Confrontation; Australian military operations in Malaya and Borneo 1950-1966, Allen and Unwin in association with the Australian War Memorial, Sydney, Hardcover (August 1996) ISBN: 1863733027 (On Sale at Amazon.com)

Emergency years : Malaya, 1951-1954 by Leonard Rayner (out of print, try special order at Amazon.com)

THE GUNNERS - A HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN ARTILLERY. Horner, David.  A superb and very detailed operational and organizational history of all Australian Artillery units from the 1850's to 1995. Primary coverage is on operations in WW One and Two, and the Post war campaigns in Malaya & Vietnam. 1995, 7 1/2 x 10, xxviii, 564 pp, 33 maps, many illus, glossary, notes, bibliog, index. $ 59.95 On Sale at Articles of War

HIGHEST TRADITIONS - HISTORY OF # 2 SQUADRON, ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE. Bennett, John.  An Australian Air Force Official History, it is a very detailed unit history of # 2 Sq, RAAF. Formed in 1916 in Egypt as part of the fledgling Australian Flying Corps, it was transferred to the Western Front in France where it flew as a fighter unit in DH-5 and SE5 aircraft. During WW 2 it reformed as a bomber unit in the Pacific theater, flying the Anson, Hudson,. Beaufort and B-25 Mitchell. Postwar operations in Malaya & Korea included the use of the Avro Lincoln, Canberra and C-47 Dakota until disbanded in 1982. 1995, 7 x 10, glossy paper, xxiv, 431 pp, massively illustrated, numerous detailed appendices, lists of pilots, kills, a/c lost and much more, bibliog, index. $ 49.95 On Sale at Articles of War

Jungle war in Malaya: the campaign against Communism, 1948-60 by Harry Miller (out of print, try special order at Amazon.com)

King's African Rifles by Malcolm Page. Native troops were the backbone of European colonial powers. The K.A.R. was one of the most famous. Organized to suppress the slave trade, the K.A.R. went on to serve against Germany's tough East African forces in WWI, fought in East Africa and Burma during WWII and in the Malayan Emergency postwar. Some of the battalions of the K.A.R. soldier on under new names as the nuclei of new national armies. Hardbound, 272 pages, photos. 7D2538R K.A.R. $35.00 On Sale at Lancer Militaria

MAD MIKE - A LIFE OF BRIGADIER MICHAEL CALVERT. Rooney, David The first detailed biography of one of Britain's foremost unconventional warfare officers, Brig. Michael ' Mad Mike ' Calvert. He fought in Norway 1940, the retreat from Burma, was a most successful column commander during Wingate's Chindit airborne invasion of Burma, later with the SAS in Europe, and after the war in the Malayan campaign. 1997, 6 x 9, viii, 211 pp, illus, maps, index. $ 35.00 On Sale at Articles of War

MAKE FOR THE HILLS The Autobiography of the World's Leading Counter Insurgency Expert by Sir Robert Thompson, KBE, CMG, DSO, MC, After the war, during which he served in both operations in Burma, he returned to Malaya and during the Emergency, he gained experience in anti-terrorist operations which was eventually to lead him, as Special Advisor, to Vietnam and Washington. HC, 218pp, illus., pub. 1989, Leo Cooper, mint in dust jacket. Price: $26.00 Found for sale on Jerboa Redcap Books website

Malayan Campaign, 7A5476R Osprey titles on British Military History, 40 pages of well informed text as well as color and B&W photos and color plates: Each is $12.95 On Sale at Lancer Militaria

The Malayan Emergency : The Commonwealth's Wars, 1948-1966 by Robert Jackson (out of print, try special order at Amazon.com)

The Malayan Emergency 1948-60 : The Domino That Stood by Donald MacKay, Hardcover - 224 pages 1 Eng Ed edition (September 1997), Brasseys Inc; ISBN: 1857531183 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.68 x 9.54 x 6.41 On Sale At Amazon.com

Malaya and Borneo (Counter-Insurgency Operations : 1)  by E.D. Smith, Hardcover (January 1986) Hippocrene Books; ISBN: 0711014620 (currently out of stock, but this is Amazon.com page for it)

Malayan Patrol, E.T Boddye, ISBN 1-85821-038-0 published by the Pentland Press Ltd.

OPERATION FIREDOG - AIR SUPPORT IN THE MALAYAN EMERGENCY 1948-60. Postgate, Malcolm R.  This is the British Air Ministry Official History of the Royal Air Force during the Malayan campaign of 1948-60. It covers the complete history of the organization of air units, offensive operations against Communist guerrilla's in the jungle, transport, recon and troop helicopter lifts. 1992, 7 x 10, xiii, 234 pp, numerous illus, maps, appendices, bibliog, notes, index. $ 34.95 On Sale at Articles of War

OUT OF THE SKY - A HISTORY OF AIRBORNE WARFARE. WAR, AIRBORNE, WORLD WAR 2 Hickey, Michael.  A comprehensive history of all aspects of airborne warfare , incl the development of parachute troops and tactics, gliders, weapons, helicopters and aircraft. He begins with the first attempts in the l920's and l930's, through its heyday of expansion in WW 2, and post war incl operations in Korea, Algeria, Indo-China, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam & Israel. 1979, 286 pp, illus & maps. $ 15.00 On Sale at Articles of War

The Oxford companion to Australian military history, Peter Dennis et al.,  Oxford University Press Australia, Melbourne, 1995

THE RAF IN CAMERA - VOL.3 1946-1995. Nesbit, Roy Conyers.  Last of three volumes in this series which presents excellent and previously unpublished photos from the archives of the Public Record Office and the Ministry of Defence. They chronicle RAF aircraft and operations in the post WW 2 years, incl many on combat operations in Korea, Malaya & more. 1996, 8 x 101/2, glossy paper, 182 pp, 240 photos, index. $ 33.95 On Sale at Articles of War

Re-enter the SAS: The Special Air Service And the Malayan Emergency By Alan Hoe & Eric Morris, 1994 ISBN: 0-85052-383-4 240 p. illus. $51.50 cloth, For Sale at Trans-Atlantic Publications Online

Soldier 'F', S.A.S.Guerillas in the Jungle (22), Shaun Clarke ISBN 1-898125-07-4 According to Veteran who reccomended it, supposed to be fiction but its all true only names have been altered

THE SILKEN CANOPY. Dover, Major Victor, MC. The wartime memoirs of an officer in the British Parachute regiment. He fought in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, and later with the Airborne drop at Arnhem in 1944, where he served with the 2nd Bn at the Bridge. He also relates his post war career in Egypt, Palestine and Malaya. 1979, 6 x 9, 189 pp, illus. $ 19.95 On Sale at Articles of War

The Singapore Story, Lee kuan Yew, A site selling autobiography of a powerful Singapore resident from the time of the insurgency

Suppressing Insurgency : An Analysis of the Malayan Emergency, 1948-1954 (Westview Studies in Regional Security) by John Coates (out of print, try special order at Amazon.com)

Unconventional Conflicts in a New Security Era : Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam (Contributions in Military Studies, No. 134) by Sam C. Sarkesian, Hardcover (February 1993) Greenwood Publishing Group; ISBN: 031327763X (special order at Amazon.com)

Virgin Soldiers, Veteran Referrer can't remember the author, but says it is quite a humorous story, made into a movie in the late 60's same titile, the truest thing to real life

The War of the Running Dogs; The Malayan Emergency : 1948-1960. by NoEl. Barber (special order at Amazon.com)

WINGS OF WARRIORS - A PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY OF THE AUSTRALIAN FLYING CORPS & THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE. RAAF Public Relations Section.  Published to mark the 75th Anniversary of the RAAF, it is an all photo history of this Air Force from its humble beginnings in the Great War thru WW 2, Malaya, Korea & Vietnam. 1995, 10 3/4 x 9, glossy paper, 80 pp, approx. 150 excellent photos. $ 39.95 On Sale at Articles of War


Another Bibliography of Works on Malayan Emergency, Couldn't Determine Title of Site but lots of books

National Malaya and Borneo Veterans Association, A page with an extensive Bibliography

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