Biography of Samuel Marks

T/5, HQ Co., 2nd Bn., 345th Inf. Regt., 87th Inf. Div.,U.S.A.

     I tried to enlist in the service before we were attacked. But being under age at the time, my parents wouldn't sign for me so I went out to Baltimore and got a job in the Shipyards at Fairfield and Sprarrows Point. I worked there and in Port Newark later on Liberty ships and LCI's (landing craft infantry). I thought that with my shipyard experience I would wind up in the navy, but at the time of my induction Feb. '43, the army was taking quite a shellacking so at that time most of us wound up in the army. I was a t/5 in Headquarters Company, Second Battalion, 345th Infantry,87th Division. We started combat in Metz France against the five forts that surround that town and when they surrendered continued on into combat in Belgium, Luxemborg, and Germany, finishing up about thirteen miles from the Chech border.

     Anybody who has been in combat knows how bad war really is, but once in a while things happen to sort of take your mind off it even just for a little while. I had left the States a little while before my daughter was born, and went into combat soon after we got to France. A funny story happened during the bulge, so I guess it was in Luxemborg, or Belgium. During a fierce artillery attack, my buddy Joe and myself were trying to keep alive, when someone crawled up to our hole and said "mail call". He gave me a V-Mail from my wife in which she told me about the baby's formula. With all the noise around us, Joe and I had a great discussion about baby formula. It's a good thing the enemy didn't hear us because they surely would have thought we were talking in code.

     After the war, during the construction of Levittown, Long Island, N.Y., I had gotten a job with them installing the screens and storm windows that came with the houses. At that particular time I was renting a Cape Cod from Levitt on Old Farm Road. My kids were very young then and went to Division Ave Elementary School. My foxhole buddy with whom I have lost contact with lived off the East Village Green. I just can't think of the name of the street right now.

--- S Marks (Note this email has become inactive)


Baby Formula, A Story by Samuel Marks


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