Biography of Lloyd Mielke

CCCman, Co. 1994, Camp F-142, Priest River, Idaho

         I am Lloyd L. Mielke. I was in CCC Co 1994 F-142 in Priest River, Idaho in 1935. I helped to build the roads as a dynamiter ( I did not like to operate a shovel, so I volunteered ). These roads are now part of the public camp sites on the shores of Priest Lake.

        We used blaster's in 1935. When we would blow out a stump. You had to dig a hole to put it the dynmite. Rather digging the hole we would put in a small charge and blow out a hole, and stand behind the tree and push down the plunger. Then put in the bigger charge and get away. I wasn't on the crew very long, maybe they felt I was playing around too much, so the put me up on lookout.

       I was a smoke chaser in a lookout above Stagger INN. As a smoke chaser, most of the time you just sat up in a lookout waiting for lightning to strike. but when it did you had a good long hike to get to the fire. In the month I was there I just sat and waited. I did have to walk down the hill every other day for water at a spring I believe it was 48 chains away.

        Later I entered the Army, I was in the 6th Armored Division. Spent some time at Camp Chaffee. That is where I was introduced to Chiggers. I laid out on the tall green grass in the springtime. That was the wrong thing to do. I also remember a little country store. They had a drink in very small bottles for a nickel. It was called Grapette. Man was it good.

         I was President of the NACCCA from 1989 until 1992. My proudest achivement with the NACCCA was the CCC calendars. I made them form 1986 until 1996. They helped to document the accomplishments of the CCC.

----- Lloyd L. Mielke



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