Biography of Joseph A. Pagliuca

Cpl, 61st Arm Inf Bn, 10th Armored Division, 3rd Army, USA

      Corporal Joseph A. Pagliuca, my father, was in the 61st Armored Infantry Battalion, 3rd Army.  He received the Bronze Star and 3 Battle Stars.  I believe the Bronze star was with Oak Leaf Cluster.

     The 61st Armored Infantry was formed on September 20th 1943 from the 1st Battalion of the 54th Armored Infantry Regiment.  The 61st embarked from New York on September 12, 1944 and arrived in Cherbourg, France on September 23rd with the 10th Armored Division.  The 10th entered the line on November 2, 1944 in the Fort Driant sector.  The division engaged in numerous river crossings, attacks and repelling of counter attacks during heavy fighting with German forces in an attempted advance upon the Saare-Moselle Triangle through most of the month.  On November 25th, The Division redirected its offensive from Saarburg to Merzig on the Saare River which it took on December 1st.

      The Division moved to Luxembourg City on December 17th in response to the German Ardennes Offensive (Battle of the Bulge).  The Division engaged in fighting around Bastogne, Noville and Bras until relieved on the 26th.  The Division then moved to defensive positions east of the Saare.

      On 10 February the Division moved to the Metz area and on February 20, 1945 resumed its prior offensive on the Saar Moselle Triangle.  During this time the armored infantry battalions made numerous forced river crossings in an attempt to reach the Moselle.  The CCA (Combat Command A) of the Division reached and took the Moselle River Bridge on March 1-2 1945.  The division was relieved on March 12, 1945.

      The offensive was resumed on March 16th and the Division took Landau on March 22nd.  The division crossed the Rhine on March 28th.  The Division continued varied combat operations in Germany, crossing the Danube River at Ehingen April 23-24, 1945 and entering Austria near Fussen 28 April.  The Division was relieved in the lines on April 30, 1945 and was at Innsbruck Austria on May 7th.

      The 61st was at Colberg Germany in August of 1945 and arrived back in the United States on October 23, 1945 at Hampton Roads and disbanded that same day in Camp Patrick Henry  Virginia.  The 61st participated in the following campaigns, Ardennes Alsace, Central Europe and Rhineland.

      I am wondering if there is any way I can find a record of what the Bronze Star was awarded for.  I would be very thankful for any help you can provide.

----- Joseph A Pagluica

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