Biography of Elmer C. Sheppard

101st Airbne. Inf. Div., U.S.A.

     Herewith what I consider quite a successful event and story re my Husband. He jumped on Normandy the night before D Day.  His friend, E. W. Baker, said Shep had so much equipment and supplies attached to him when they took off for Normandy he would not fit through the plane door they had to put him in through the cargo opening and then had to pratically pick him up and shove him out to jump.  He landed in an apple tree near St. Mere Eglise and had to cut himself down. A comrade named Steele landed on the steeple of a church and hung there pretending he had been shot until it was safe to cut himself down. He is still living too. My husband was first shot in the head whereby he appeared to be dead on the battlefield where many passed him by. He would sporadically pass out and come to. His helmet was placed on his chest by someone thinking he was dead. Once someone tried to take his jump boots off and he came to long enough to ball him out. Then passed out again and when he came to his boots were on his chest. Then along came a buddy named Baker (he is still living) and threw my husband over his shoulder and took him to a mash unit where he was considered beyond repair and an intern operated on him. Back then they were afraid to put you to sleep with a head wound. So they placed a piece of wood between his teeth gave him something to squeeze with his hands tied him down and performed the surgery but had to leave a small bit of shrapnel because it was too deeply embedded. 30 percent of his skull is a steel plate which heat effects in summer and cold also.

     30% of his skull is plate. But afterwards there was a shortage of signalcorpmen and he went through Bastogne . He LOVED Gen Patton He was also shot in the thigh and is partially paralized in that leg. But he is very humble and thankful to be spared when losing so many comrades. We are heading toward our 57th anniversary. We got married the night of June 6 1941!!! He wired his commanding office and asked if he had to return to camp too and I'm sure you know the answer. I worked with The Western Union Telegraph Co for 32 years, some during the war, and I sneaked a couple of messages through to my husband E C Sheppard called "Shep" and he intercepted them. There was a shortage of signalcorpmen so I really was thrilled about that.

     God bless our servicemen who died andor were severely wounded to save America. Do we still have them? I pray so. Thank you and all the others who still care and remember. His svc no is 14004658. I still remember! God bless all you I had almost lost confidence in our beloved country You have restored that faith. THANK YOU

     Update, our Lord called Sgt Sheppard to heaven on January 2 2001.

     He will be sorely missed but I am quite sure all your prayers went with him and our Lord and saviour is reading all those messages of hope over and over to him as he rests from his illness and is being praised for his contribution to our country along with all of you supporters . Im sure God and His son Jesus is saying "WELL DONE MY CHILD TO YOUR ETERNAL HOME IN GLORY"

T Sheppard aka Mrs Elmer C Sheppard



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