Biography of Lyle Stroud

CCCman, Unknown Camp and Company in Will County Forest Preserve (McKinley Woods) near Channahon, IL

         My father Lyle Stroud was in the CCCs. Dad served in the CCC near Channahon, IL, about 1935 or 1936, about the same time his brother, Cliff served. The camp was about 4 miles south-southwest of the village in a Will County Forest Preserve now known as McKinley Woods. That is where I remember one building still standing (now long gone) and where one can still see several concrete foundations. We have a lot of evidence of their work today in picnic shelters, trails, and restoration projects along the historic Illinois and Michigan Canal. There are quite a few photographs in a collection held by Lewis University.  

        Dad passed away in 1976.  I would love to hear from anyone who knows about his camp or company or served with him.

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Biography of Clifford "Cliff" Stroud, Unknown Camp and Company, near Winston-Salem, NC

Illinois and Michigan Canal,  Photo Vault of Lewis University regarding CCC men working on the I&M Canal, many photos, Use Back Key to Return


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