Biography of Martin Tucker


         My father Martin L. Tucker was a member of the CCC. I remember that my dad enlisted in the corps out of Owensboro, Kentucky. I am not sure what district it was. I think it was district 5 (but I am not sure).  He often spoke proudly of his time spent in the CCC, but the rest of the family who lived through that era always resented him talking about it because they viewed it as a mark of failure during hard times. My father would be 85 years old if her were alive today, and I am sure he would still love to talk about his days with the CCC.

         I remember a panoramic picture taken of the entire camp where he was assigned. The picture was desrtoyed during a flooding basement episode. I know somewhere there is a way to find a copy of that old picture (the government dosen't seem to throw anything away). Is there a place that you know of that I can contact and find a repository of CCC photographs?  I would like to find some of the old records relating to my father if at all possible. Can you help point me in the right direction?

------- Ron



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