Biography of Henry B. Voigts

CCCman, Camp in Santa Rosa, Nevada, Camp in Hawthorne, Nevada

CCC Staff Member, Co.6453, Camp Golconda G-120

     My Grandfather Henry B. Voigts served in the CCC in Nevada. I have his discharge papers from Camp Hawthorne M-1, Hawthorne Nevada, dated 5th of April 1934. Signed by a E. H. Petri Lt. USN. Grandfather was a drag line operator. I do have four pictures of him and his crew at work.

     The discharge papers say:

Certificate of Discharge from Civilian Conservation Corps.

Record of Service in Civilian Conservation Corps

a. From 5/31/33 to 10/26/33, under War Dept. At Santa Rosa Camp, Nevada.

Type of work Supply Sergeant

b. From 10/27/33 to 4/5/34, under War Dept. at Camp Hawthorne, Nevada. Type

of work Supply Sergeant.

c. blank

d. blank

e. blank

Remarks: Selecting Agency notified April 5, 1934. Apptd. Leader July 1,

1933. Declined to re-enroll. Occupational Status: Drag Line operator.

     My mom and Aunt say Grandfather was in the CCC twice, I think lines a. & b. above indicate this.

     I also have a framed picture approximatly 11 X 19 1/2 inches. It says Co.6453, Camp Golconda G-120, it has the list of names of the Leaders, Assistant Leaders and members on it. The members are listed by first, middle initial and last name. The picture appears to be of the camp and two interior views of the rec hall.  My Grandfather, Henry Voigts is listed as a staff member as a Carpenter.  He left the CCCs in 1934 as a member and then obtained a job as a Federal Employee as a Carpenter for the Golconda camp after that.

     If anyone has information on any of the above camps please email me. Thank you.

- Mary

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Roster of Company 6453  Camp Golconda G-120


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