Go West Young Man

     On the 15th of Juy 1940 I was in a contingent of about a thousand young men who had joined the Civilian Conservation Corps. Most all of these men were from Ohio.and Kentucky. Polocks from Northern Ohio and Germans from Southern Ohio. and Hillbilly's from Kentucky. .After routine Physical Exams.and Immunization shots. We Boarded a B & O {Baltimore & Ohio ) Troop Train headed for some unknown destination. The Sun was setting ahead of the train every evening., This was the only indication that we were headed West. At various stops along the way. One of the Cars was detached. After several days we pulled into Denver Colorado and transfered to another Troop Train and headed South and continued our journey. The next morning we Crossed the ROYAL GORGE in Colorado . Shortly after that we passed through GRAND JUNCTION COLORADO we noticed a sign WELCOME to UTAH. The following morning the last Passanger Car pulled into the D&RGW (Denver & RioGrand Western)Railway Station. The Sign read GREEN RIVER UTAH. The Conductor walked through the train and yelled "This is it - Everybody Out" We all picked up our Barracks Bags stuffed with all our worldly goods issued in LONDON Ohio. There were about 150 of us left. We were met at the station by a Barrack Leader and his Assistant Leader. Each Leader had a Roster of the men assigned to his barrack. As our names were called , we formed a line and proceeded to follow him. After a half hour walk , we arrived at the Camp. It was situated 500 miles from Nowhere surrounded by Nothing. There wasn't a tree as far as the eye could see.

     One of the Wise Guys yelled Look out there - There's tomorrows Train Comming!

     We assembled on the Parade Ground for a formal welcome by the Commanding Officer Colonel Erwin. He said we had a fire in the camp two weeks ago and several of the buildings were completely destroyed. We lost the REC.( Recreation ) Hall the Laundry one garage and the LATRINE. Needless to say that LAST one got our attention. By some Miracle- The Army Quarter Master Corps. Had delivered replacement PRE-FAB buildings. Wall Sections- Roof Trusses and With the help of 200" Volunteers." The structures were up and running in very short order.

-  Sincerely Ed Braun



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