Going and Coming Back

From the CCC Enrollees Handbook circa 1940:


     AWOL means "Absent Without Leave." And that's bad business in the CCC. From the time you enroll in the CCC until you are discharged, your time belongs to the government - 24 hours a day. That doesn't mean you have to work that long. You put in your 40 hours on the work project and what other time necessary to keep the barracks and camp in ship-shape order. You get opportunity to be away from camp during your enrollment plenty of times. But your leaves from camp are with the permission of the company comander and at such times as he can spare you. If you leave camp without this permission, you are AWOL - and out of luck. AWOL's lead to reprimands, fines, or even dishonorable discharge from the CCC.

     After you have been in the CCC for six months you are entitled to six days off with pay. This leave is granted by the company commander some time during the next six-months period. This gives each enrollee a chance to visit his home, if he so wishes, or to go any other place he desires. He has to pay his own transportation, however. Provision is made for other leaves of absence if circumstances demand it. Emergency leaves are granted by comapny commanders in cases of emergency, when an enrollees presence is required at home. Leaves are granted certain enrollees at times of religious rites and holidays. When renrollees have good cause to expect tehy can get a job if given time off to apply for it, company commanders are authorized to grant leaves to them. Extended leaves can be given to enrollees who have an opportunity to go to school. All such leaves are without pay.

     Leaving camp after the day's work is done and until bedtime, or on week-ends also is with permission of the company commander. Such leaves or passes are issued whenever the enrollee can be spared from camp. These leaves permit enrollees to make trips to nearby towns and cities for an evening or on week-ends. Passes are issued for definite length of time and if enrolleess want to enjoy this privilege they will make sure they return at the specified time.

     The government does not pay transportation for enrollees on pass or leave. Likewise, hitch hiking and riding freight trains is prohibited. Company commanders have a right to refuse leaves unless the enrollee cans how he has necessary funds to pay his way. While an enrollee is on leave he still is a member of the CCC and must abide by such regulations as may be laid down for his conduct. Company commanders may insist upon an enrollee presenting a good appearance upon leaving camp and the enrollee is subject to disciplinary action after he returns to camp for any infraction of CCC rules while he is absent.

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