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famjustin@aol.com --- Looking for any information on CCC caamps, men, stories, songs, photos, Alumni Groups and Contacts or other matters, share your stories to be posted here! From the Curator

famjustin@aol.com --- Looking for anyone from Company 1229 Machias New York (do you know the words to Bloomer Boy?) or Company 1295 Magnolia Delaware, please write me

dible@sedona.net  ---  I'm trying to track down any info about CCC projects in northern Arizona during the late 1930s.

elder@pop.usit.net.--- I'm trying to find any information I can about the ccc's work in the state of Tennessee. Any leads will be appreciated!

ngpscr@concentric.net  (this email has become invalid) --- I am currently trying to acquire the following:  1. US War Dept. Location and strength of CCC camps and work companies. Sept 1933. HE5723A71.  2. Adj. Gen. Off. Stations and strength report of the CCC aJune 30, 1939. Sd143U58. 3. Any information or research direction you can give me regarding the locations of CCC camps throughout the U.S. would be most appreciated.

waterman@acc-net.com   ---   Both my Father in law and my Uncle were members of the CCC's Do you know how I can get info on their enlistment ect..

mwood@sdenet.alsde.edu (this email has become invalid) ---  If you know of a CCC Alumni Group in Alabama, please tell me about it, including mail and phone contacts if you have any?  Thanks.

ggray@sofnet.com --- Looking for info on the CCC in Arkansas. My father was a member and is interested in any reunions, fellow members, etc.All replies answered.

OlChev@aol.com --- I am restoring that a CCC truck, and would appreciate any source of photo's, etc., of corp vehicles to assist in the restoration.

md74300@navix.net --- Looking for anyone who may have served with my father in the CCC's. His name is Edwin C. Moore serial #CC4391957. He enlisted on 10/18/37 at Camp Calvin (#F165407) near Winnfield LA, there until 10/9/38 transferred to Mayfield Utah(#F394406) until 6/30/39. Then transferredto Ephraim Utah (#P501486) and served at a Spike camp at Ferron resivour, where he drove a truck. I am not sure of his discharge date. These were days that are near and dear to his heart, and he would truly love to correspond with anyone from these areas that may have knew him. I will answer any e-mail for him if anyone cares to holler. Thanks Dave

relic1@javanet.com (this email has become inactive) --- Looking for information on camps in Becket or Washington Massachusetts. Any information at all or maps would be appreciated.

andy120@primary.net --- My father was in the ccc in Carrollton, IL. He was under a Captain Crowder. I would like to get his records if possible. I have a picture of the members of the ccc at that time, but don't know anyone but My father LLOYD USSERY. I heard him talk of building the lodge at Pere Marquette state park in IL. any help would be greatly appreciated. My parents went to several of the reunions.

famjustin@aol.com --- Looking for information on camps, inccluding names locations and numbers, in use during 35-37, one near Machias NY with officer Bloomer Boy and other near Magnolia Delaware (MC-54) where one job was swamp drainange ditch digging.

maxjo@ix.netcom.com (this email has become inactive) --- My father was in the CCC in the early 40's in Northern California, Shasta County, Susanville etc. Looking for anything about the CCC in this area

Pugtur@aol.com --- Looking for info on Claude William Potts possibly originally from Houston, Texas who was in the CCC's in 1937. He was part of Company 3888, f-61-C and stationed in Fort Collins, Colorado. In December of 1937 and January or 1938 he was in the Station Hospital at Fort Logan, Colo. so I assume he had been injured. I have no clues from that point on. He was supposed to have been released from the Hospital approximately Jan. 20, 1938.

ljostes@fgi.net --- I'm looking for photographs and artifacts from CCC camps for a permanent exhibit in a CCC museum in Moline, Illinois. Any information on how to locate photos, artifacts, etc., would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

HansenW@FTKNOX-DTDD-EMH5.army.mi --- I am a librarian at the US Army Armor School. I have been asked to identify a patch for an individual which we are unable to find in any of our references. I suspect it is a CCC patch. It is a circular patch with an outline of the state of IL and the number 264 and a globe. Also the name "Northbrook" on the edge of the patch. It has what appears to be a pine tree lined road leading to an "X" on the globe, generally in the area of Illinois. I understand there are some forest preserves in the Northbrook area which may have been a CCC project. Any information you can provide, or sources you can lead me to will be appreciated.


famjustin@aol.com Anyone know what this patch is from? Photo

Donna_Gigliotti@cabo.wnyric.org --- interested in the location of a CCC CCamp that was supposed to be near Beechwood, Cameron Co., PA or Rathbun, Elk Co., PA. Would like information on the Co. # and the location of the camp. Thank you !

daveg@wp.state.ks.us --- I am park manager at Crawford Sttate Park in Farlington KS. I visited your web site in an effort to try to obtain information about the CCC company that built our lake between 1934 through 1938. They were the 788th company and their news paper was called the Fire Devil. We are planning on combining all the information we can obtain with video taped interviews and hopefully produce a documentary on the construction of our lake. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

watson@hal.fmhi.usf.edu --- Looking for any info regarding Black men who served in the CCC in the states of Alabama and Mississippi and Florida? My dad's name is Willie James Roper. My dad received orientation at Andalusia, Alabama - the 3424th Co. Dist "C". Later, he was transferred to Ft. Barrancas, FL to CO.3474, Dist. "B" - Forestry (1942).

geodmj@sprintmail.com --- I teach 8th grade SC/US History. Our school is in Travelers Rest, SC (north of Greenville). I believe there was a CCC camp in the area. I know the CCC helped with the construction of atleast two state parks in the area (Paris Mountain and Table Rock). Our students produce a book each year on local history and one of our stories this year is going to deal with the CCC in SC. Any info. or veterans help would be appreciated.

m-mastin@ti.com --- I am trying to find if there are any living members of the CCC unit that help to build Crowder State Park near Trenton, Missouri in Grundy County.  My father, Clifford Dean Mastin, was in the CCC and worked here in the 1930's.  I do not know which unit this was or how I would find out, but I would like to find out if anyone would know him or might have been in this CCC unit that did this work.  Any help would be deeply appreciated.

rhess@visuallink.com --- Looking for information on the names and locations of CCC Camps in Virginia and West Virginia that were established in the area from the Blue Ridge into eastern West Virginia. My son and I hike and backpack areas of the National Forests where the camps were located. It has been a thrill to spot some of the stone trail mile markers.

alcs@mlode.com --- I am looking for any information about my grandpa who was in the ccc in Lassen state park California in the year 1933 or 1932 his name is Wendell Littleton his station during the summer was at lost creek . he helped build roads and campgrounds. if you have any information about him would you please e mail me.

crl@myhome.net --- My name is Mike LaBarre and My father was in the CCC in 1935 at Prince George, 937 Co. We would be interested in contacting anyone that was in that unit or getting any information about the unit. Thanks.

beermat2748@uni.edu --- I am trying to find documentation and any other information on small limestone "check" dams that were constructed by the CCC camp in Cresco, Iowa.

tpurdy@thegrid.net --- Looking anyone who worked in the CCC camps of Lassen County, California, especially that at Blacks Mountain, where they did experiments in forestry and the Secret Valley Camp where a lot of work was done on range improvements.


dfaye46@yahoo.com (Curator's Note: This Email has become inactive) --- My grandfather,Ernest Carter, was a member of the ccc in the 1940's in kentucky,(Glasgow comes to mind, but am not positive.) Do you know where I can find more info on the Kentucky branch?

zabel@aps.anl.gov --- I am looking for any information on Civilian Conservation Corps Malta, Montana. I think my Father was in company 2697 barrecks 3697. The year was 1934 between July and December. Apparently this company was working on spill ways, he was a cement finisher. He was From the Chicago, IL area.

b.f.tuck@usa.net ---  Looking for information on where to search for state specific CCC information. I am particularly interested in Camps SP-1 to SP-30 (these were camps in MA). What is the best way to find out the names of individuals who served in these specific camps?

APen51@AOL.com --- any info on Camp 585 Leeds Utah? My dad was there as a p&s man (Pick & shovel). Any info you can share, web sites, etc. would be appreciated.

woods@fayette.net --- Do you have any information about the CCC camp in Florence, AL - Wilson Dam work? or the DeKalb, MS camp?

lsypolt@wvu.edu --- I am writing a comprehensive bibliography of the CCC's for the Park Service. It will be the first bibliography since 1943, as far as we can tell. I have just sent it out for review, but if you have a list of books, articles, oral histories, etc, that you want included, I may still be able to add this info. Also I am looking for a 5th Corps Area collar diamond. West Virginia was in the 5th and I am also writing a history of the CCC's in WV. I have a flag, company patches, certificates and camp papers, but no 5th collar diamond. Can you help?

AWi1772939@aol.com --- Trying to find Granite Creeek Camp F-6. My father-in-law was in it a short period of time. He is deceased now and all we have is his Certificate of Discharge dated October 24, 1933 at Fort Douglas Utah.

CACTUSPY@aol.com --- My father Charles Francis Dunleavy, (dob 6/15/1918) was a member of Company 251. I have photos of the company working, living quarters, etc...They worked on a road & bridge in a place called French Creek. I am trying to find details on the exact location, i.e. city, state....also any members or a roster

ablosser@TTACS.TTU.EDU --- I am a graduate student in architecture at Texas Tech University and am working on a project trying to compile a history of the CCC work at Mackenzie park here in Lubbock. We are also trying to identify all of the work the CCC did as well as tracking down original maps. Can you tell me did the CCC survey before they started work and did they leave a record (map) of what they did? I have contacted the National Archive and they are processing my request. Also do you have any CCC alumni from Texas that I might contact?

pridemar@pernet.net --- I am trying to find things on my father-in-law's CCC camp back in 1937---1938. Camp number was 1826-F-30,A. He was in Tuson, Arizona and Alamosa, Colo.

Ron.Fowler@msfc.nasa.gov --- My father was in CCC in Texas and worked in many of the National Parks building roads I remember him talking about them being assigned to build roads in the petrified forrest. I'm not sure One He called Camp Hess. I would appreciate any info on Texas Camps, Petrified Forest Camps and Camp Hess

Gowinifred@aol.com --- My Father was in the CCCs in Northernn California and I have a photo of him where he wrote on the back Richardson Camp. Anyone with information on this camp please let me know.

kcgray@wilmington.net --- Looking for information on CCC Company 3415, Camp Little, Newton, NC

annesid@bestweb.net --- I would like to form an alumni group for CCC enrollees at Pound Ridge Reservation, SP 9, Camp Merkle, Katonah, NY. Can you tell me how to get a list of (living) members? Some of us are very much in awe of the legacy that they have left for us in the Reservation.

Azkid8865@aol.com --- Any body left from Camp 3710 Maple Laake Minn Summer and fall of 1940

Flewisptr@aol.com --- Do you have anything on the National Youth Administration or know where I might find some information

gands@ipa.net --- Looking for info on an Arkansas CCC project near Eureka Springs called Lake Leatherwood Park. 1,6000 acres, 100 acre lake, large limestone dam. Many workers came from Harrison, Arkansas.

Keywest50@aol.com --- My dad was stationed at a CCC camp in Wyoming in 1938. He thinks the nearest town was Veteran. We're having difficulty finding information. There was a sandstone quarry near the camp. He worked on the crew blasting and breaking up the rock to be used to reinforce a nearby irrigation canal. Any information will be appreciated. (posted 12/30/98)

ParagonAG@aol.com --- I am searching for information concerrning my Father (now gone 30 years) and the CCC. He would tell stories when I was a boy, about his time in Washington &/or Oregon, cutting trees and dynamiting rock. I have only one picture of him in a camp. If there is some way to find out where he was, I would be very interested. His name was John Paul Westfall, born Oct 16, 1907. (posted 1/2/99)

bottiw@juno.com --- The Renaissance Foresters is a Michigan-based folk-music trio that traces the history of white pine logging in the upper Mid-West, and the subsequent restoration of the area's forests and rivers. The CCC is a big part of the restoration story, but we've had trouble finding songs of or about the CCC, particularly from the mid-west. Can anyone help? (posted 1/4/99)

JBBulger@aol.com --- I have recently received an antique fire apparatus with on original paint the name CAMP OAK FIRE DEPT. Could this have been a part of a CCC camp? Could you direct me towards some research sources for this item? It is a trailer, 200 gallon tank, high pressure John Beane pump, 4 cylinder flat head Champion Motor (6 volt), and IT RUNS. It was purchased at a government auction at the Port of Hueneme Naval Base around 1940 and has served as a watering/spray rig on a farm since then. (posted 1/7/99)

sostpm@inr.net --- I am looking for information re: the NE reunion for Fall 99. My father was in the CCC in the 1940's in Danby & Poultney VT in Company 2142. Do you have any contact information re: people involved with the reunion ? (posted 1/9/99)

T N PINE@aol.com --- My grandfather is looking for information about CCC camps in Southwest Oregon. Pictures, Stories, Etc.. His name is Ralph A Reeves "Sparky", he was in camp 2904 in 1305. Later was foreman in the CCC camps until they shut down in 1941. (posted 1/28/99)

HarryDos@aol.com --- Seeking anything that might be aavailable on the CCC camp for African -Americans in the state of Mississippi (BBelzoni - 1935). His camp was later moved to Meridian where he met my mother. His stories about the camp are of great interest to me and I hope the E-mails that you have given will provide both my parents as well as myself even more history. (posted 1/28/99)

doug.hilton@cyberdude.com --- John Hudak, my Uncle, was in the CCCss, somewhere in Pennsylvania I believe. He owned an old brass ring with apparenty CCC markings. Linked here is a crude drawing of the ring. If you recognize it, I would be interested to learn what the symbols represent, when and why it was produced, and any other info you might have about it as well as his CCC service. (posted 1/28/99)

yazey420@yahoo.com --- I am researching the CCC for a collegge project. I would like to get an idea of the impact of the CCC on local projects in the area (San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Cleavland National Forest). If you have any info that may be of use for me or know where I might be able to find it I would greatly appreciate the help. If there are any reunions happening in my area, and if it is OK to attend, I would love to know about them. (posted 1/28/99)

amcangus@aol.com --- Seeking information on CCC Company 1749, Decorah, Iowa. Would especially like to correspond with anyone enrolled in this unit during the summer/fall 1941 (posted 2/8/99)

slam@tdstelme.net --- Is there a site or resource that anyone knows of that lists members of company 144 of the CCC? I am doing some research. Also where did this camp originate from (posted 2/8/99)

derber@erols.com --- Were there any CCC recruitment posters? If so, any idea where I could find one? (posted 2/8/99)

DRS4596@aol.com --- My Dad was in Camp S-80 at Masten, PA 1937-38. He & I would enjoy hearing from anyone connected with this camp! (posted 2/8/99)

AKCNOS@aol.com --- I am very interested in the CCC. My father and father-in-law were both in the the CCC. iI am proud of them both. I would be very interested in any information you can give me on this organization. There doesn't seem to be very much informatioon in the local llibrary here. my father was in several camps in Maryland, and my father-in-law was in West Virginia. There are several events here in Maryland each year. (posted 2/8/99)

skyhikin@concentric.net --- I am looking for information on CCC CCamp 20 [Company 1261-Located at Clouds, Tennessee), CCC Camp 25 (Company 1258- Located 8 miles outside of New Tazwell, Tennessee), CCC Camp 21(Company ?-Located approxiamatley 20 miles outside New Tazwell), and CCC Camp 19( Company ?- Located ?) (posted 2/13/99, modified 2/22/99)

davmarcraig@webtv.net --- I am looking for any info on my fatheer who became an employee July, 15, 1937. Camp AHF-7 Company 1518, Kane ,Pa. Thank You. (posted 2/21/99)

mholt@otan.dni.us --- Am interested in the locating a CCC mmember by the name of James Lee Patterson who was stationed at a Camp near Milford, Iowa. Would also like information on the Co. # and the location of the camp. (posted 3/7/99)

Cherokeedi@aol.com --- We are looking for any information onn the CCC camp at Mt. Baker, Deming Wa. also a side camp at Shuskan Wa. Any information would be appreciated. (posted 3/8/99)

Roger_Fuhrman@IDPTV.pbs.org --- I am trying to track down people who served in Idaho or have photos or film of activities in Idaho. The material may be used in a television program and/or web site I am producing for Idaho Public Television on the CCC in Idaho. If you know of anyone or have any suggestions, please e-mail me. (posted 3/8/99)

petersen@greatnorthern.net --- can you tell me what CCC units servedd at or near Lincoln City, Oregon and Glacier National Park? Are there any personnel rosters available? My father was a member of the CCC and was stationed at these two areas. I am trying to find any information I can about these sites. Also, was there ever a vehicle license plate issued with the CCC logo for use on CCC vehicles? If so, where would I find one to purchase? (posted 3/10/99)

larry@powernet.org --- I am trying to obtain information on ccc camp Company 491, 9th Corps District Warington, Oregon for a family friend that was located at this camp sometime around 1938-1939. Would appreciate any information you can give me. (posted 3/11/99)

akent@pacbell.net --- I would like to find any information on the CCC project at Silver Falls State Park near Silverton, Oregon in 1935 and 1936. I am trying to find out about my grandfather Chester Atwell born in Illinois in 1916, 1917 or 1918. He met my grandmother while working with the CCC in Oregon. Please email me! (posted 3/14/99)

lcraver@CLSCC.CC.TN.US --- I am a library director at Cleveland State Community College in Cleveland, Tennessee. We have a patron who lives in the Cherokee sections of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He is a finish carpenter and is looking for any manuals that would have been used by the CCC in the early 1940s. Any information regarding titles of these would be most appreciated. (posted 3/15/99)

karegeannes@sprintmail.com --- Does anyone have information about Leeslie Sircy who was a CCC member in Tennessee in 1934? (posted 3/15/99)

pattbo@email.msn.com --- I came across my fathers CCC scrapboook. He served in Utah. Some of the camps mentioned were: Malta, Dubois, Houghton Lake, Kalkaska, McCoy Winfred. Any suggestions as to where to look for listings? Any help is appreciated. (posted 3/15/99)

fatcity@ordata.com --- Looking for information on CCC Companny 1997 and CCC Camp 5334 at McCall Idaho run by Captain Orlo R. W. Hassack (posted 4/8/99)

tlc@pe.net --- I am currently supervising in a Conservation Camp with California Department of Corrections Inmates, a 12 man fire crew. During the 1930's, what is now the Oak Glen Conservation Camp was a CCC camp, or "tent camp", "labor camp" or any number of other names. I am looking for information on the history of this camp. (posted 4/17/99)

warsha2@email.msn.com --- Looking for any information on the 7tth Comp CCC camp 5 & 9 in Van Etten, NY? Do you have any suggestions for research? (posted 4/17/99)

captjoe799@aol.com --- Looking for Information on Grand Juncction, CCC Company 1938 (posted 4/17/99)

lanacase@nefcom.net --- I am interested in getting any informmation regarding a CCC Workcamp that was located somewhere in the Ocseola State Park in Northern Florida. Any information or maps would be of great help. (posted 4/24/99)

flame6@hilly.apci.net --- I am looking for info on tthe camp the woked the roaring river area of missouri. My father was a member of that camp. If you know of any place I can locate this info it would be very helpful. (posted 4/24/99)

EFCK@itlnet.net --- I am trying to find out anything I can on Co. 3825 Camp SCS - 3 - C , Hugo, Colorado. And to try to find some pictures on this company, or any stories that someone is willing to share with me about this company. My father Archie Ceaser Chapmond enrolled at Stapp, Okla. CCC Co.810 , 26 July 1935. And was sent to Co. 3825 , Camp SCS - 3 - C Hugo, Colorado. I know nothing about this except, I remember him talking about being in Wyoming at one time. And him telling me that while in the CCC he got the nickname of Popeye. (posted 4/24/99)

wboehm@zianet.com --- I am a historian based in Las Cruces,, NM, and I am currently researching a project on Ft. Bliss TX, which is emphasizing military activity in World War II and the Cold War. The emphasis on my project is on construction that took place on Bliss' "Maneuver Areas", or for those familiar with the gargantuan 1.5 million acres that belong to the Post, the desert areas that belong to the Army - mostly in New Mexico. Apparently, the CCC in Arizona and New Mexico was under the supervision of the 1st Cavalry Division. There are two buildings that existed on Fort Bliss' remote camps (Camp Hueco and Camp Oro Grande)  that I know about - these are on the rolls for 1943 as CCC buildings, according to the Army Corps of Engineers records - but I would like to know when these were built if possible and any other relevant information on the Fort Bliss connection to the CCC. Fort Bliss has modern records of such activity, but I have little local access to such records. This is something of National Register interest for those interested in that sort of subject (I know I am!). If anyone knows of some information on Fort Bliss and the CCC (I have found nothing in the local repositories in El Paso and Las Cruces), I would appreciate hearing from you. (posted 4/24/99)

mholt@otan.dni.us --- Am interested in the locating a CCC member by the name of James Lee Patterson who was stationed at a Camp near Milford, Iowa. Would also like information on the Co. # and the location of the camp. Thank you ! (posted 4/25/99)

stewart@oregonisonline.com --- A project is being developed to colleect oral histories from as many of the members of the Sweet Home Ranger District of the Willamette National Forest CCC company, Company #2907, as we can locate. I would appreciate any information that you might have on this company. (posted 5/9/99)

oaksart@budget.net --- I have reason to believe there was a CCC Camp Cajon, possibly in Oregon. Can you shed any light on this? Thanks so much. (posted 5/21/99)

cclemmon@mail.lig.bellsouth.net --- I am researching a old CCC road that was constructed on my families farm. We're trying to determine how the government gained access to private property. We would be exceptionally grateful for any information you could supply us. (posted 5/21/99)

David-Griffin@email.msn.com --- I am looking for information on my Daad's CCC Company, which was Company 841, Camp Wapiti, F-24-W, Cody, Wyo. 1934, J. H. Machann, C.O., 1st. Lt. F.A. Res. (posted 5/21/99)

customprinting@optidynamic.com --- I am searching for information on forrmer members of Camp 3313 in Vienna, MD (1939-1941) and Cam 1374 in Quantico, VA (1936-1938), Any info concerning the whereabouts of any former members (if living or dead?, ect.) would be appreciated. (posted 6/19/99)

customprinting@optidynamic.com --- I am looking for info on Company 23800, located in Jonesville (Lee County) and Norton (Wise County), Virginia. My father was in this Company May 21-November 3, 1941. Trying to contact former members. (posted 6/30/99)

bnigh@BGCO.ORG --- I am researching a book about the CCC in Oklahoma. Would appreciate any written memories, photographs, etc. or how to contact anyone who served in the Sooner State. (posted 7/3/99)

mammy6@webtv.net --- Looking for any informationn on Co. 1535.  I know that the camp was at Cass WVa. (posted 7/3/99)

vrsams@harborside.com --- I am searching for any information I can find on the CCC company #2950 in Lompoc, CA. Any information regarding this company would be greatly appreciated (posted 8/16/99)

minuet9320@aol.com --- My Grandfather, Buford Houston Bottoms, was part of a CCC camp in Afton Wyoming in about 1935. He was the camp cook. Does anyone know more about this camp? Or does anyone remember my grandfather? (posted 8/16/99)

kleibers@midohio.net --- WPA project. Looking for history of tthe OShaunesey Dam which is north of Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. My father worked on that dam, in fact slid all the way down it while working on the project. Understand that there is a building on the road above the dam which has each workers name listed in it. If soon, can the public view it and search for the relatives names? (posted 8/16/99)

RWOVERLOOK@aol.com --- My father Edgar C. Thompson went In TThe CCC in 1934 in Pittsburgh Pa. From there to Fort Hoil Md. ( spent some time at Co.399 Neffer mills state?) Also SCS7 Co.2358 South Hills Va.in August 35 I would like to know more about any of these camps and locations. Any names of men who may have served at these places? (posted 8/16/99)

carlinp@webworks2000.net --- I have pictures of 2 different CCC caamps that my father was in. How do I go about finding any information about them? The numbers are 2529 and 2514. Thank you very much. (posted 8/16/99)

dtzogg@yahoo.com OR zogg@svusd.k12.ca.us --- Looking for any info on the Dalton Wells camp that was north of Moab. (posted 8/16/99)

watson@fmhi.usf.edu --- I am attempting to locate a photo andd memoirs from members of Company #3474 of Andulsia,Alabama and later was tranferred to Ft. Barrancas, FL in 1942.This was a "colored" African American unit. (posted 8/19/99)

flavia@hotcoco.infi.net --- I am curious if you have anything on a CCC camp in Salix, Iowa. My CCC veteran said they worked installing irrigation "ditches" in the late 1930s. He remembers placing dynamite in holes, I guess to dig the ditches. (posted 9/2/99)

RBansemer@TELTONE.com --- I have a CCC pennant for companyy 2904. Do you know where this company was located ... or know where I can find out? (posted 10/30/99)

Bettycathy@aol.com , Dhccfc@aol.com , Pfcglc@aol.com --- WE'RE SEARCHING FOR INFORMATION ON OUR DAD. Our father, Paul H. Frame from Birch River, WV, was a member of Company 565 in 1933 and 1934. He entered the CCC on May 26, 1933, and was discharged on April 10, 1934. He was at Ft. Knox, KY then on June 5, 1933, was sent to Camp F-45 in Soda Springs, Ca and then on October 20, 1933 went to Camp F-157 in Highland, CA. My sisters and I would love to hear from anyone who might know what his life was like in the CCC. The ideal would be to talk to someone who knew him. (posted 12/26/99)

Leonard312@aol.com --- My father is looking for information on the CCC camp that he was in. It was Cook's run boll weevil. Westport Pa. It could be camps 345, 2312, 2327, or 5450. Do you have any information that would help him. His name was in camp sometime 1933 - 1939. (posted 1/8/00)

dpritcha@or.blm.gov --- looking for information on the CCC camp at Beulah and also the one at Vale. The job at Beulah was SCS-3, companies were 2505 and 2652. The Vale job was BR-45, company 2525. I was wondering if you might have a map showing the location of the camps, or a roster, or a description of the jobs. (posted 1/8/00)

ABrettell@aol.com --- Does anyone have any information regaarding CCC Camp S-83, Strraight Creek, Pa., along the Clarion River? My father was camp commander at this camp in the early 1930s. I do have a large wide photo of the camp personnel. (posted 1/16/00)

VEBelew@aol.com --- Do you have any information on the CCC camp that was located near Gould, CO? The camp was near Cameron Pass in Jackson Co., about 25 miles from Walden. (posted 1/18/00)

cccstuff@omahaweb.net --- I have a belt buckle from CCC I am gooing to sell on EBAY a on line auction. I am trying to get more info.If You Could Help It Has On It, Co. C.C.C. 1629 It will Be Auctioned off this week.HHMLIN BELT CO.GREENSBORO. N. C. (posted 1/18/00)

MWelker207@aol.com --- I am the daughter of a former CCC participant, Adam Welker, in a CCC photo he was 17 years old in 1934. The photo was developed in Minneapolis, MN. Some of the photos that are in my Father's album are from Yellowstone National Park. I was wondering if there was any member who remembered him? Also I was also hoping I might find some more info on his place of service and maybe even his picture in one of the archives. (posted 1/18/00)

imk@myway.com --- I believe an uncle of mine was in the CCC at Eagle Pass, Texas. Was there such a camp there? and do you have any info or leads? Many thanks. (posted 1/21/00)

Deanomaki@aol.com --- I am trying to find out where my granndfather was enrolled when he was with the CCC. His Company was: 3611th Co. CCC, Camp James Lake, F-45 in reforestation. I believe it was with the Fort Brady District in Michigan. Could you please help me find out where Camp James Lake was? Thank you. (posted 4/21/00)

ppilot@datasync.com --- In Ocean Springs, Mississippi (just eeast of Biloxi) there were apparently 2 CCC camps. One would have been just northeast of town on what is now known as "Old CCC Camp Road" and another would have been located on Brumbaugh road, adjacent to what would eventually become "Magnolia State Park" and then later be designated "Gulf Islands National Seashore." On this land are a few Beech trees. Were Beech trees commonly planted by members of the CCC? Is it possible that this camp was set up in order to begin clearing and establishing the park which would eventually grow to become the National Seashore? This land includes one of the few steep ravines in this otherwise topographically flat town. At the base of the 20 foot deep bank is a slowly flowing body of water. (Our family loves to debate whether it is a "ditch" or a small creek.) Point is, this ditch drains an area of about 200-300 acres of what is now residental neighborhoods. Is it possible that this ditch was dug by the CCC to drain the area for human habitation? Where could I get more info on this particular camp? (posted 4/21/00)

Aquaproservices@aol.com --- Richard Albert Gillespie, served in Idaho in the CCCs, looking for old friends. (posted 4/21/00)

hmr@intrepid.net --- Looking for information on a large stone fountain that may have been built by the CCC approx. 1932 in Hampshire County, West Virginia on Route 29 between route 127 and Route 9. We wish to place a historical marker at that location but have been unable to locate any documentation. So far I've been able to identify Company 1359 and 1523 worked in this area. (posted 4/21/00)

razzfleen@coolsky.com --- Worthington, IN.....Company 1593....aaround 1942.....would love any information about this company or area! (posted 4/21/00)

mdwelch@nehp.net --- I am inquiring about a pin that has an emblem that I wonder if it is a CCC pin. Triangular in shape, it has the 3 words "Restoration, Preservation, Training" on the outer ring and a snake(?) in green wrapped around a staff with a gold background. Does this sound familiar? Any help is appreciated. (posted 5/24/00)



Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Papers A Search Engine for a microfilm database of Newspapers and newsletters published by members of the Civilian Conservation Corps, c. 1934 - 1942. The database contains over 5,000 titles, the entire collection has been filmed. The search engine alone will tell you much about CCC companies, searching by name of city will tell you what companies were there, company number will tell you where the company was and to some extent when.  You can also apparrently order (buy) microfilm of the newsletters so you can take them to library and read or copy. I haven't bought yet but I have found newsletters from both of my Dad's camps. (HOWEVER IT IS NOW MANY MANY MONTHS SINCE I EMAILED THEM AND NO RESPONSE!) Check it out. A Page from the CRL Database, Use Back Key to Return.



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