Oath of Enrollment

From the CCC Enrollees Handbook circa 1940:

     (Upon Entering the CCC, each enrollee subscribed to the following oath. It is a contract between the enrollee and the U.S. Government, and should be lived up to in each respect.)

I, ________, do solemnly swear that the information given above as to my status is correct. I agree to remain in the Civilian Conservation Corps for the period terminating at the discretion of the United States between ____________________ unless sooner released by proper authority, and that I will obey those in authority and observe all the rules and regulations thereof to the best of my ability and will accept such allowances as may be provided pursuant to law and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto. I understand and gree that any injury received or disease contracted by me while a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps cannot be made the basis of any claim against the government, except such as I may be entitled to under the act of September 7, 1916, and that I shall not be entitled to any allowance upon release from camp, except transportation in kind to the place at which I was accepted for enrollment. I understand further that any articles issued to me by the United States Government for use while a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps are, and remain, property of the United States Government and that willful destruction, loss, sale or disposal of such property renders me financially responsible for the cost thereof and liable to trial in the civil courts. I understand further that any infraction of the rules or regulations of the Civilian Conservation Corps renders me liable to expulsion therefrom. So help me God.

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