How It Is Operated

From the CCC Enrollees Handbook circa 1940:


     RUNNING the CCC is no easy job. It is part of no regular government department, yet most of its actual operations are carried by three of them - the Departments of War, Agriculture and the Interior. At the top, the CCC is headed by the Administrator of the Federal Security Agency. This official administers not only the CCC, but several other bureaus of government. With the CCC, they were grouped together in this Agency effective July 1, 1939. Active management of the CCC is by a Director. His job is one mostly of coordinating CCC activities done by the three departments named above. With an advisory council, made up of a representative of each of the departments, the Director determines general policies for conduct of the corps. He also operates the vast system of junior enrollee selection, thru state relief and employment agencies. This formerly was supervised by the Department of Labor. The U.S. Veteran's Administration selects all war veteran enrollees.

     Except for selection and the conservation work the men do while in the CCC, the War department, thru the Army, supervises all phases of camp operations. This includes the enrolling of all men, juniors and war veterans, excepting Indians and the natives in Alaska and the island camps, the purchase and supplying of clothing, buying and preparation of food, providing of medical and hospital care for enrollees and maintaining sanitary conditions within the camps. The Army also builds the camps, acts as the CCC paymaster, sending allotment checks to the enrollees' homes each month and paying them the difference in cash. The Army is in charge of camp discipline, education and recreation and it compiles and maintains statistics and records of CCC men and camp administration.

     The Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior have exclusive control of all conservation work done by the CCC. This includes work on federal lands, in state and municpal forests and parks, and on private property. In the native camps of Alaska and Puerto Rico, the Department of Agriculture not only supervises the work but selects and enrolls the men and operates the camps. The Department of the Interior does the same in Hawaii, the Virgin Islands and on the Indian Reservations.

     In planning and supervision of conservation work, these departments operate thru bureaus of the departments, each of which is in charge of a different kind of conservation work. In each department, also, are officials who head up all CCC work being done by that department. One of these officials of each department represents that department's secretary on the CCC Director's Advisory Council, along with an officer in similar capacity representing the Secretary of War, and one the Veteran's Administration.

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