B17 Eager Beaver

Africa, 1943

I flew most of my missions the Julie A, just the name painted on it. This one crashed in North Africa at night when we had lost three engines and another plane cut us out of the pattern on the final approach. The pilot did a great job and we all walked away. Another I flew on was "What a Tomato" which went at least temporarily out of service about Dec. 14, 1943 when we were badly mauled by fighters. My final ride was on a plane named Eager Beaver, well known in the 96th Squadron of the 2nd BG. It had made many missions and scored some kills. It had been used by a Sq. CO. Maj. "Buck" Caruthers. The Eager Beaver was shot down on December 23, 1943 during a strike on the Aloysis Airdrome at Athens, Greece by anti-aircraft fire.

John W. Carson, Lt. Col. USAF Ret.


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