B17 Eager Beaver

Algiers, Algeria 1943

Eager Beaver Caption from National Archives Notation "When Major Charles E. Clapp, Dedham, Mass, Left, greeted Capt. Marion P. Caruthers, 610 No. 11th St., Beatrice, Ned., recently upon the latter's return from a flying fortress raid over Sicily, it was more than just two airmen getting together. Capt. Caruthers is the commanding officer of a squadron with which Maj. Clapp flew in the last war as aeriel observer, navigator, and bombadier. This same squadron, which was the first to operate in France, is part of the Flying Fortress group of which Major Clapp is executive officer."

Taken prior to July 16, 1943 as the photo record indicates that is when the photo cleared RAF field censors for publication. The Eager Beaver was used by the 96th Squadron, 2nd Bomb Group. The Eager Beaver was shot down during a strike on the Aloysis Airdrome at Athens, Greece by anti-aircraft fire.

John W. Carson, Lt. Col. USAF Ret.


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