CCC Men Recruited into Merchant Marine

From a News Report of Unknown Origin

250 Ex-CCC Men To Begin Seaman Training

     WASHINGTON, D.C., NOVEMBER 4, 1939. On the high seas, headed from New York to St. Petersburg, Fla., are 250 former Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) enrollees, selected from camps throughout the country for a year's training in seamanship, under the direction of the U.S. Maritime Service.

     The men, selected from hundreds of applicants, are on two training ships, under control of the U.S. Coast Guard. Most of them are on the American Seaman, a 7,000 ton Maritime Service training ship. About 15 are on the four-rigged Joseph Conrad.

     Permanent training base will be established at St. Petersburg. Here and at sea the men will be given intensive schooling in all phases of seamanship. The ships are fitted out with classrooms and machine shops. Others will be located at the training base.

     “These are fine specimens of young men,” said one Coast Guard official “We certainly went to the right source for the right kind of trainees.”

     It is possible that another group of 250 will be selected for the same training next spring or summer. Selected by the Army in each of the corps areas, in proportion to the enrollees of the area, the enrollees were transported to Camp Dix, N.J. Here they were given final examination by the Coast Guard. A few days later they embarked at New York City.

     Now, they are making a leisurely trip down the coast and will arrive at their training base about Nov. 10.

     For one year they will undergo sea training and for the following year will accept employment in the U.S.Merchant Marine of the United States, if such employment is available.

     While in training, the men will receive from $21 to $36 a month. In addition, they get clothes and food. And the ration allowance is about 65 cents per day.

----- Submitted by U.S. Maritime Service Veterans

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