The Biggs' Boys

By Ken Stofer

Copyright 2001 Ken Stofer, All Rights Reserved


    This book is dedicated to those Biggs' boys who fought and did not return and especially to my good friend Flying Officer Roy James Cook DFM k/a, whose tricks kept me alert and whose motorbike carried us on many hair-raising rides to meet with Captain Henry Seymour-Biggs while finalizing our plans to enlist in the Royal Air Force.

   It was a special time in history, for a special group.

   My very special thanks to Mrs. M.E. Molly Jackson, daughter of Captain Henry Seymour-Biggs for her help and guidance.

----- Ken H. Stofer




The Scene

Captain Henry Seymour-Biggs

Robert Frank Hawes, MD

Dale Stephens, DFC

More to Come

Copyright 2001 Ken Stofer, All Rights Reserved


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