Louis N. Curtis

M/Sgt, E Co. 2nd BAQ, Corregidor, Phillipines, Sondhi, Japan, POW, USMC

   Master Sergeant LouIs N. Curtis is a member of the US Marine Corps. Here are the facts about his years of service with the Marines.

Joined At Age 20, Apr. 1939 in the State of Washington

Boot Camp, San Diego, Ca, one year

Marine Corps Bandsman - Sax/Clarinet

Embassy Guard Band, Peiping, China, May, 1940. One year

Transferred to Shanghai, 4th Regiment, 71 Officers, 1400 Enlisted Men

Left Nov., 1941, arrived Alangpo, PI

There Dec. 7 - Japs bombed Pearl Harbor

6 Mos. Combat, E. Co., 2nd BAQ - Corregedor

Surrendered to Japs, May 6, 1942

POW, Survived 42 Months

In Prison, Sondhi, Japan at End of War.

Arrived USA, Oct. 1945.

Rejoined Marine Corps, Oct. 1946

Quantico, VA. - Cherry Point - Camp Le Jeune

Korea 1953-55

Camp LeJeune - 1955 - 1969

Retired, Assistant Bandmaster, E-7, M.Sgt.

   How did he survive Jap POW camps? Never smoked or drank.  His buddies offered one fourth of their meager food allowance for one cigarette.This extra little bit of food helped keep him alive While others didn't make it.

   Louis N. Curtis, now in his eighties, plays the Sax in small bands in Central Florida for Retirees.

----- Submitted by a friend Thomas Arnold


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