Reg Miles Flight Log, 432 Sqd RCAF, Page One

432 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force, Eastmoor, Yorkshire

     Some of the terms on the Log Book shall require explaining.  The Lat and Long at the top I have added recently when I bought MS World Atlas and was able to pin point the airfield locations. You will note the first column is the date to help you follow the sequence. This log book records all my flying both training, operational and at Transport Command. C&Ls circuits and landings very boring and mainly for the pilot and engineer to frighten them as much as possible, D.C.O. duty carried out D.N.C.O Duty Not carried out. P.O Lauzon was my first operational pilot, others mentioned on this first page and perhaps elsewhere were senior pilots who had done at least one tour of operations and were being rested before doing another tour of at least 30, all were very much more frightened of the 'sprog' pilot than of anything the Boche could throw at them!! PO is Pilot Officer and is really a rank to ensure that the person will not put up any "blacks' and behave like an officer and a gentleman, probationary period usually 6 months. FO is not Flight Officer which is a female rank in the WAAF but Flying Officer.

Flight Log

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Reg Miles, Flight Engineer, No1SoTT Halton/ MUs/ Snowy Owls, 420 Sqdn RCAF, 6 Group Bomber Command, Tholthorpe, Yorkshire / 511 Transport Command, RAF

Reg Miles


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