Biography of Arley Ross

CCCMan, Company 613, Illini State Park, Marscallas, Illinois & Company 2605, Thornton, Illinois

I was in two camps, one was Camp #613, near the banks of the Illinois River at Marscallas, Illinois, the other was Camp 2605 at Thornton, Ill. I am almost positive that Camp #613 became Illini State Park.

Camp #2605 at Thornton was a camp used for the young men in building Parks and roads in Cook County, South Chicago area. I did a tape which I was asked to do for a new museum in the Tucson Arizona Area. I told my story as an enrollee of the five day work week. What the schedule was for Saturday - Sunday. All about barracks life with all the responsibilities you accepted. No one but yourself did all the personal life. You was told and no second chance. In camp you was under military life. No ifs , the extra work you accepted was for not following orders. One soon learns and it is easy after that.

Clothes furnished, your duty for cleaning and folding and hanging clothes in an orderly manner. Each person had a foot locker, all personal need was kept in an orderly fashion. Your sleeping accomodations was always neat with shoes shined and placed in a orderly fashion just beneath side of bed on the floor.

All things are scheduled and followed from morning till night. Barracks lights goes off on scheduled. If you want there is a rec hall where lights will be on a extra hour. Bed check at 11 p.m.. 5:50 a.m. grab your clothes to be presentable and your shoes on and tied. Parade ground, attention facing the American Flag - bugle blows salute the flag. You will have exercises dismissed to wash up comb your hair and grab your canteen which is Army issue, and run. Get in line for your breakfast. Go back to barrack, get everything in order including your bed with blanket tight to so no one sits on it.

Work Call, five to ten minutes you will be facing roll call. After that you will be ready to march to your work or loaded on a truck with benches to sit on. Everyone loaded with the supervisor sitting in the cab with the driver. On the job location you will be issued tools for the work day. Hours 8:00 a.m. arrive, back in camp 4:30 p.m.. Lunch noon on location of work.

This is a brief outline of this enrollee. I am 81 years old but the age could reach 90 for some members. There is so much to tell and each every one has stories to tell. Even myself would like to hear these stories.

----- Arley Ross


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