Biography of Frank Kadas

565th AAA Bn, U.S.A.

    My grandpa Frank Kadas served in 565th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (Mobile), an independent anti-aircraft batallion, in Patton's Third Army.  The 565th AAA was not attached to a Division, it was independent. It formed 10 April 1943 in Camp Stewart GA as a Sep CA (coast artillery I think) AA-AW Battalion and then was redesignated 565th AAA on 5/15/43. It left the US via New York on 10/6/44 arriving in England twelve days later and in France on December 18, 1944. It served in Ardennes Alsace, Rhineland and Central Europe campaigns. It was in Forchheim Germany at war end (Aug 45) and was disbanded in Germany 10/6/45.

     Frank Kadas would like to get in touch with men from the 565th AAA. They have a reunion every year and he would like to let them know. If you can come up w/ any sites I that could help me I would sure appreciate it. He is looking for a man named Eugene M. Little from Danville, IL. Frank is also looking for Cosmo Grillo, a friend, of Baltimore MD. They both served with him.




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