Biography of Eugene E. Likens

Sergeant Major, Marine Air Group 33, 1st Marine Air Wing, USMC, Korea

    I enlisted in the Corps in 1946. I lied about my age when I joined. I was only 16.

    I was Sgt. Maj. of MAG-33 from Dec52 to Nov53.

    MAG-33 Is Marine Aircraft Group 33 - Under MAG-33 were the following Squadrons:

      H&HS-33 - The CO and personnel who made up the Group. i.e. S-1 S-2 S-3 S-4 etc

      VMF-115 - Marine Fighter Squadron 115

      VMF-311 Marine Fighter Ssquadron 311

      MABS-33 - Marine Air Base Ssquadron - 33 The cooks the hole diggers,etc

      VMF(N) 513 - This is a Night Fighter Squadron

    The SgtMaj back then was a pencil pusher. In other words he was like an Adjutant. He was like a go-between the officers and the enlisted. When I became SgtMaj of MAG-33 I was only 22 years old and I was as high as I could go as an enlisted man and that was E7. They now have enlisted grades up to E9.

   -- Gene the Marine Sempter Fi


Oliver R. Smith, T/Sgt, 33rd Marine Service Sqdn, 33rd Marine Air Group, 1st Marine Air Wing, USMC, Korea

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