Biography of Robert J. Ryan

24th Infantry Division, Fort Ord & Berlin, Germany, US Army, Cold War

   I was drafted in 1961 and went to 24th Division and to Berlin from Fort Ord Ca. Transferred right away to Gablingen. That's where I spent my time. I was 22 years old when I got drafted. I got into trouble right off the start going A wall . The third time I was called before the Company Commander he told that he didn't want to see me in trouble anymore. For some reason I could tell that he liked me. I had all my Uniforms Tailored and I was a Spit shined sharp soldier. I made Colonels Orderly every time and liked the Army, "BUT" lonely as heck for a ladies company. I was also on the Drill Team. Well, Lieutenant Kite lost his Driver and made me his Driver. From then on I was not in trouble. I thought the world of Captain Kite and I believe that wonderful man saved me . To this day I wish I new what ever happened to him.

   That is my story and I'm sticking to it. Have a great day and every day after.

----- Robert Julius Ryan baub3638 AT gmail DOT com



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