Biography of John Paul Westfall

CCCman, Washington & Oregon

       My Father John Paul Westfall, born Oct 16, 1907, was with the CCCs.  Dad never got along with his father who was living in Lincoln, NE; where Dad had come from. So he joined in 1935 and traveled by train out west to his camp. He described it as a lonely trip. He would tell stories when I was a boy, about his time in Washington &/or Oregon, cutting trees and dynamiting rock.

     The camp was far away from anything and had barracks. They hiked to jobsites - sometimes for hours.

       Dad built roads up in the N/W mountains - don't even know which state. He carried dynamite in a knapsack. It was all in mountain country, steep slopes, etc. Don't know any specific projects.

       In his offtime played music (Ukulele - I still have it) cards, wrote. My Dad wrote a lot. Don't know much else. The men fed the squirrels in camp as pets.  

      He told me about Spam and SOS and taught me to fry a piece of bologna 'till it curled up around the edges and then fill it with scrambled eggs. He was a cook too.

       His Mom had separated from his father and after the CCC, followed her to Los Angeles. Later drafted in WWII and then back to LA where he met Mom at a dance and then came me.

      He passed away thirty years ago. I have only one picture of him in a camp. If there is some way to find out where he was, I would be very interested.

----- Douglas Paul Westfall



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