Biography of John A. Aller

Coys. H & F, 331st Inf Regt, 83rd Inf Div, 1st, 3rd & 9th Armies, U.S.A.

     My outfit was the Companies H & F, 331st Infantry, 83rd Infantry Division which was in the 1st, 3rd and 9th armies over the course of the war.

     In England, I was 20 miles south of Chester-Nantwich, Cheshire. We was treated the best of course only a couple months as we headed for the beach. Also was in Wales for manuvers. I guess they knew we was going to face death soon.

     We relieved the 502nd Regiment of the 101st at Carteran, France June 26 44. Normandy was the bloodiest. The hedgerows were bad. We lost alot of boys in our Co., 38 plus. Of course we were bloodiest fighters at that age. I was wounded at Wittenburg Ger. the day before the war was over and spent eight months in the hospital. From the Omaha Beach to 35 km. from Berlin, we spent 292 consecutive days in COMBAT.

     As to the movie Private Ryan, my unit relieved the 502 Inf 101st Air that we relieved them in Carteran, F. (curator's note possibly Carentan?) never dreaming that it would be made in a movie years later.  They missed the hedgerows in that movie.  They were bad.

     I wrote a book on my experiences, "I SAW IT THROUGH " $17.00 pp. I tell all. Paper-back 300 plus pages plus BW pictures.

--- John A. Aller

    JOHN ALLER HAS PASSED AWAY, BUT, WE STILL HAVE HIS BOOK "I SAW IT THROUGH" FOR SALE. THE NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS IS RDSNKB AT AOL.COM (type that into email with spaceATspace replaced by @ without spaces)



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