Biography of Tetsuo Asato

100th Bn., 442nd Regt (Nissei)

     My grandfather, Tetsuo Asato along with some family friends and relatives served in the 100/442nd-MIS regiment of the United States Army during World War II. This unit was comprised of all Japanese-Americans mainly from Hawaii and the West Coast. The men who served from the West Coast volunteered from the concentration camps set up for those of Japanese ancestry. Many people were outraged that the government was allowing such a unit to operate since many Japanese-Americans were seen as "spies" and "enemies". Military sevrvice was a way in which the Japanese-Americans would be able to show their loyalty to the United States. I doubt his decision came easily since he was locked up behind barbed wire for no reason except for his nationality, but he did the honorable thing and served the country he loved so much.

     When he got into the service, I am sure that my greatgrandparents really worried about him and his friends. Their unit was sent into Germany and Italy and was one of the most declarated units in the war. These brave young men fought hard in the face of adversity and prejudice for the justice and freedom that every human being deserves. My grandfather has made many lifelong friends from his experience, and truly showed bravery as he earned a purple heart after being wounded in battle.

      I have seen many movies and documentries about the 442nd and I am so very proud of what they did not only for our country, but for future generations like myself. I can now hold my head high and say, "I am Japanese-American and my grandfather proudly served our country during World War II." If it weren't for ALL of these brave young men who served our country, our lives would not be the same. Thank you very much and much love to you all. GO FOR BROKE!!!



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