Biography of Merritt Michael Bertholf/DeCol

SSgt, United States Army

      Well, My dad is Merritt Michael 'DeCol.'   He was never adopted and should not really have the last name DeCol. But his real fathers name is Merritt Michael Bertholf. Father and son have the same name.   My dad was born in Louisiana. My 'grandpa,' whom we are looking for, was born in Minnesota. In the Army during WWII. SSgt., I believe. Possibly out of Louisiana?  We thought he was killed on Normandy Beach, but so far we cannot find KIA or MIA or purple heart records. We know he was in the Army. We have heard that he may have been transported to a hospital in England. My father would like to get in touch with him or know what happened to him.  If anyone knew or knows Mr. Bertholf/DeCol please email me.To our knowledge, my dad is his only child. Merritt Michael Bertholf married Syble ? and that is my dad's mom. She has since passed away. Anyone with info on Merritt Michael Bertholf /DeCol please email me.

-----    Michelle DeCol




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